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David Bridges

Finding X and Y coordinates of a single white blob on a black background

Asked by David Bridges
on 18 Sep 2013

I have a series of images which I need to find the x,y coordinates for a single white blob on black background. I would like coordinates to be taken from the center of the image. Thank you.


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 18 Sep 2013
 Accepted answer

This is done by my BlobsDemo program.

The blobs are the coins from the standard MATLAB demo image. It finds the centroids of all of them. You just need to subtract the number of rows and columns divided by 2 to get the coordinates referenced to a new coordinate system where the origin is in the middle of the picture.


Thanks, I have tried that but I cannot make it fit with your existing code. If you wouldn't mind a quick look, I have attached something that is looping already, but it only prints the centroids of the last jpg file in the folder. Files are virus-checked etc. Much appreciated!

You have a loop that says

for j=1      

so of course it does only 1 image.

Finally figured it out, thanks for your help

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