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Calculate matrix from symbolic equation

Asked by jnaumann

jnaumann (view profile)

on 19 Sep 2013

Hi everyone,

I have used the following code to generate a symbolic equation for a plane given 3 points.

P1=[1747 444 1051];
P2=[1771 115 1053];
P3=[9 290 66.05];
normal = cross(P1-P2, P1-P3);
syms x y z;
P = [x,y,z];
planefunction = dot(normal, P-P1);
dot(P-P1, normal);
realdot = @(u, v) u*transpose(v);
zplane = solve(planefunction, z);

I would now like to generate an m x n matrix (3506 x 1057) using this equation but keep getting stuck. Does anyone know how to do this? I am sure it is very simple

Many thanks in advance


Azzi Abdelmalek

Azzi Abdelmalek (view profile)

on 19 Sep 2013

What exactly is your problem? is there any error message?


jnaumann (view profile)

on 19 Sep 2013

No, I haven't got to that stage yet. I have the equation describing the plane. I just don't know how to generate a matrix using that equation. Say I want to generate a 2D matrix where x=1:3000 and y=1:1000 for example, how can I do this?



jnaumann (view profile)



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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski (view profile)

on 19 Sep 2013
zp = subs(zplane,{x,y,z},{1:100,1:100,1:100})

To get a numeric solution from this:


1 Comment


jnaumann (view profile)

on 19 Sep 2013

Thanks for your quick response. I have tried the code you provided. Should this produce a matrix or vector since when I plot the answer I get a line. Is this expected and how to I change it to get a matrix(to plot a surface)?


Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski (view profile)

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