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fmincon inside the function mdloutputs in s-function

Asked by Johanna Carolina Salazar on 19 Sep 2013

Why is I used the function fmincon inside mdlupdate, it return back to the simulink after finding the optimun point. While in the function mdloutput it neve stops... It keeps looking for an optimum solution and stop simulation


Kaustubha Govind
on 19 Sep 2013

Could you try setting a breakpoint at the function call in both places to see how the inputs to FMINCON differ?

considering the mdloutput function at time 0, what happen is that the function fmincon found the optimal solution at time 0, put sys=point computed, and then restart and compute again the optimal solution at time 0. The simulation doesn't go ahead.

It is like it nevers go out from mdloutputs after finding the solution... and restart again


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