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message box in the code

Asked by Val on 27 Sep 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Val on 30 Sep 2013

IS it possible to Bold the messages in the message box..?

I want to highlight all the messages in the message box either using color or font weight


Walter Roberson on 27 Sep 2013

Is the message built using msgbox() ?

Val on 27 Sep 2013

yes...Multiple msgs in the same msg box

or any other way to show these messages in my presentation?

message = sprintf(' The name is: %s \n  \n Value 1 is : %.1f \n \n Value 2 is : %.1f \n \n A_Output is:%.5f \n \n SR Output is :%.5f \n \nThe Actual output is  :   %.5f \n\n ',z{1},x,y,A_output,SR,Actual_output);
Val on 27 Sep 2013

Can U give me the example of msgbox properties.....?



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2 Answers

Answer by Image Analyst on 27 Sep 2013
Accepted answer

Unfortunately msgbox() doesn't allow formatting options for the text it displays. I've put in a request for this a long time ago. I'd encourage you to send an email to asking for it also. In the meantime I think you're stuck writing your own little dialog box.

1 Comment

Val on 30 Sep 2013

Sure i will send an email regarding this. Thank you

Image Analyst
Answer by Simon on 27 Sep 2013


I don't use magbox, but for formatted messages in command window, look at cprintf



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