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Could anyone know how to use Xcode 5.0 as my C or C++ compiler in MATLAB 2012b or later?

Asked by dai
on 30 Sep 2013
Latest activity Edited by Daniel
on 6 Nov 2013

MAC OS X 10.8.5

Xcode 5.0 (command line tools have installed)

Matlab 2012b

>> mex -setup

    Options files control which compiler to use, the compiler and link command
    options, and the runtime libraries to link against.
    Using the 'mex -setup' command selects an options file that is
    placed in /Users/Yydai168/.matlab/R2012b and used by default for 'mex'. An options 
    file in the current working directory or specified on the command line 
    overrides the default options file in /Users/Yydai168/.matlab/R2012b.
    To override the default options file, use the 'mex -f' command
    (see 'mex -help' for more information).

The options files available for mex are:

1: /Applications/ : 
    Template Options file for building gcc MEX-files
0: Exit with no changes

Enter the number of the compiler (0-1): 1

Overwrite /Users/Yydai168/.matlab/R2012b/ ([y]/n)? y

/Applications/ is being copied to /Users/Yydai168/.matlab/R2012b/


>> mex test.c /Applications/ line 305: llvm-gcc-4.2: command not found /Applications/ line 1326: llvm-gcc-4.2: command not found

    mex: compile of ' "test.c"' failed.

Error using mex (line 206) Unable to complete successfully.



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3 Answers

Answer by Tschantz
on 2 Oct 2013

I have the same problem here. Matlab 2013a and Xcode 5.0

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on 3 Oct 2013

I have solved it.

update matlab 2013a from matlab 2012b

install ”command line tools“ of xcode5.0

and replace ”10.7“ with ”10.8“ in /Applications/

Good luck.

Answer by Ken Atwell
on 4 Oct 2013

Dai got it right, replace "10.7" with "10.8" in Here is the MathWorks for this:


Answer by Giorgos
on 14 Oct 2013

I have the same problem with Xcode 5.0 and MATLAB 2012b

I know that there is a solution for 2013a and 2013b:

but I need one for 2012b...!

Even this could not help me:

I always get:

/Applications/ line 305: llvm-gcc-4.2: command not found


I have the same problem. Xcode 5.0 & Matlab 2012b.

on 26 Oct 2013

That error seems to indicate you did not install the command-line tools.

Did you install them as indicated by the solution page 1-FR6LXJ you refer to? It is listed under "*** Before applying the patch *" Step 2.

It seems that with Xcode 5 you can download the command-line tools from:

on 6 Nov 2013

I am having the same problems... is it possible there are some compatibility problems with the new mac os x 10.9 (mavericks)?

  • I am runnin MATLAB 2012b with Xcode 5.0 (on os 10.9)
  • I have command-line tools installed on Xcode 5.0
  • I've tried installing the patch
  • !xcodebuild -version identifies the correct version of Xcode
  • I have run mex -setup

I still receive the error

Making simulation target "bearing_sfun", ...

/Applications/ -c -O -DMATLAB_MEX_FILE -I/Applications/ -I/Applications/ -I/Applications/ -I/Applications/ bearing_sfun.c /Applications/ line 305: llvm-gcc-4.2: command not found /Applications/ line 1326: llvm-gcc-4.2: command not found

    mex: compile of ' "bearing_sfun.c"' failed.

gmake: * [bearing_sfun.o] Error 1

any ideas? This is becoming a serious time sync!

thanks in advance, dan

[edit] I found this post that solved the problem for my setup

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