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Can I run more than one copy of a student version on a desk top and laptop?

Asked by alistair duncan on 30 Sep 2013
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 30 Sep 2013

I have purchase a student version of Matlab and I use the University's license at Uni. Can I install a further copy on my desktop at home as the laptop cannot run the vision Psychtoolbox?


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Answer by Walter Roberson
on 30 Sep 2013
 Accepted answer

Yes. There are limits on the number of devices you can install on simultaneously, and there are limits on the number of copies you can run simultaneously, but the Student Version license does allow at least two simultaneous copies running.

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Q. How many computers can I activate?
A. Activation with a given serial number can occur on no more than two computers simultaneously.

Answer by Jan Simon
on 30 Sep 2013

There are three possibilities:

  1. You can try it and see, what happens. But as for other licensed software also you could potentially run into legal problems, which are not worth the saved money.
  2. You can trust Walter's answer. Walter's answer are very reliable. When he is wrong in this case, you could run into legal problems, which are not worth the saved money.
  3. You can ask the technical support of TMW. They gain support for questions related to the installation and of course they know 100% exactly how many copies you are allowed to install.


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