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Asked by Val
on 30 Sep 2013
Latest activity Answered by Jan Simon
on 30 Sep 2013

i have created four list boxes in my GUI.

Iam able to display the selected items from each list box.

But i dont know how to code for further calculations using these selected items from the list boxes.

Can anyone give me one example on this.

I searched a lot. but i am getting example for single list box.

Not getting any examples that, how to code for more than one list box.

if u have any link regarding this, pls answer me.

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Jan Simon
on 30 Sep 2013

What is the relation to the tag "matlab code"? I've deleted the other tags, because all questions in this forum concern "matlab".


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1 Answer

Answer by Jan Simon
on 30 Sep 2013

It is not easy to answer, because accessing 4 listboxes works exactly as accessing 1 of them only. Therefore it is hard to guess, which troubles you have.

A bold guess is this callback of a button, which starts the calculations:

function ButtonCallback(ObjectH, EventData, handles)
Selected = cell(1, 4);
Value1  = get(handles.listbox1, 'Value');
String1 = get(handles.listbox1, 'String');
Selected{1} = String1{Value1};  % Assuming a single selection box
Value2  = get(handles.listbox2, 'Value');
String2 = get(handles.listbox2, 'String');
Selected{2} = String2{Value1};  % Assuming a single selection box
... etc


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