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Check for instrument objects

Asked by Arun on 6 Jun 2011

Is there a way to look for existing interface objects prior to creating new ones? For example, if programs don't complete there are often objects in memory still connected to instruments. This causes problems if they are in place when the program is run again.

A better practice would be to make sure no objects exist before creating new ones, but I'm not sure how.




1 Answer

Answer by Gerd on 6 Jun 2011
Accepted answer

Hi Arun,

what interface objects are you looking for. When you talking about serial communication object you can find them using



1 Comment

Arun on 6 Jun 2011

Hi Gerd,
I'm using both serial and VISA objects, but it looks like instrfind works on both. A delete(instrfind) command clears out all interface objects - exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.



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