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owen chang

HDL Stream FFT in HDL Coder 2013b, not support AXI4-Stream Interface? (single rate?)

Asked by owen chang
on 5 Oct 2013
Latest activity Answered by Wang Chen
on 7 Oct 2013

Hi, i have built a system involving Stream FFT with AXI4-Stream Interface, the goal is to put this design into Zynq, so AXI4-Stream is a must. but at the final stage, the error message shows "Failed Streaming interface is not supported when the DUT is not single rate.", is this Stream FFT module not supported for Zynq? or is there any way to set this module to "single rate"?

appreciate your help,



1 Answer

Answer by Wang Chen
on 7 Oct 2013

Hi Owen,

The HDL Streaming FFT block is not yet supported by AXI4-Stream Video interface in 2013b (because this block uses multiple clock rates in the HDL implementation under the hood). Also, the AXI4-Stream Video interface in 2013b is designed to support 2-D video streaming, which is not fully compatible with 1-D FFT streaming.

To put the FFT design into Zynq, you have to do some manual HDL coding. You can first generate HDL code from your subsystem with HDL Streaming FFT block (makehdl('subsystem')), and then manually connect the generated HDL code to AXI4-Stream interface. To see some example code for AXI4-Stream Video interface, you can try generate IP core from following HDL Coder example:




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