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"illuminant map" from an image

Asked by Elysi Cochin on 5 Oct 2013
Latest activity Answered by Image Analyst
on 5 Oct 2013

Please can someone help me to create an "illuminant map" from an image

The output i want is shown in the link below...

Please do help me how to create an "illuminant map" from an image


1 Answer

Answer by Image Analyst
on 5 Oct 2013
 Accepted answer

That is not an easy task. When you have two or more illuminants (light sources) illuminating a scene, it's not easy to figure out the relative illuminations each pixel took from each light source. There was a paper at the last Color Imaging Conference (Los Angeles 2012) where they showed an office scene illuminated by both overhead fluorescent lights, and outside daylight coming through the windows. Through some algorithm that I don't remember they were able to make such an illuminant map. You'd have to look up the paper but it's certainly not a few lines of code that I could share here.

Illuminant Estimation
Graham Finlayson, University of East Anglia
      The Role of Bright Pixels in Illumination Estimation
      Hamid Reza Vaezi Joze and Mark S. Drew, Simon Fraser University (Canada); Graham D. Finlayson and Perla A. Troncoso Rey, University of East Anglia (UK); pages 41-46.
      Scene Illuminant Estimation of Multiple Light Sources
      Shoji Tominaga, Takahiko Horiuchi, and Yu Kato, Chiba University (Japan); pages 47-51.
      Reducing Worst-Case Illumination Estimates for Better Automatic White Balance
      Milan Mosny and Brian Funt, Simon Fraser University (Canada); pages 52-56.


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