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reading an pdf image

Asked by nkumar
on 9 Oct 2013
Latest activity Commented on by chitresh
on 1 Nov 2013

I have an pdf ,in which i have converted to image format,when i read into matlab using imread,the document is not clear as the original image ,plz tell why i get like this

my image




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1 Answer

Answer by chitresh
on 9 Oct 2013
 Accepted answer

first of all its almost same after downloading the file you upload on link,your file is in png format,if you want to increase the quality u can create a jpg file first and then using quality command u can see the change in it. a = imread('pdf.jpg'); imwrite(a,'pdf.jpg'); imshow('pdf.jpg'); imfinfo('pdf.jpg'); imwrite(a,'pdf1.jpg','quality',100); figure, imshow('pdf1.jpg'); imfinfo('pdf1.jpg');

hope this will help you...


on 10 Oct 2013

If i convert a pdf to image will the quality gets decreased?if so how i can convert document to image format,its quality must be clear for reading into matlab

i have already mentioned the code above seems you havnt try it, try it first, it increases the quality to 100 % of the jpg image. you upload pnj image not pdf, and you can convert pdf to image format have a look to this link hope you satisfied with the answer

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