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Why do I receive an "Error finding installer class" message when trying to install MATLAB on Windows?

Asked by MathWorks Support Team on 27 Jun 2009
Latest activity Commented on by Scott on 12 Jun 2014

After starting the installation, I receive the following error message:

 Error finding installer class


MathWorks Support Team


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3 Answers

Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 18 Oct 2013
Accepted answer

This error message can occur if one of the following conditions is true:

- The destination folder for MATLAB contains non-ASCII characters (ex: !@#$&^?)

- The Windows TEMP and/or TMP variables point to a folder with non-ASCII characters

- The folder containing the installer has non-ASCII characters

- There is a problem with the installation files (corrupt DVD or incomplete downloads)

As a workaround for this issue, make sure you are installing MATLAB into a folder with ASCII characters only. If the destination folder is correct, see below for additional troubleshooting:

1) Check the Windows TEMP and TMP variables

To confirm the path for TEMP and TMP under Windows XP/2000:

1. Right click on My Computer and choose Properties

2. Choose the Advanced Tab

3. Click on the Environment Variables Button (bottom left)

In Vista this is accomplished by the following:

1. Right click on Computer and choose Properties

2. Click on Advanced Settings on the left side

3. Click continue on the UAC page

4. Click on the Environment Variables Button (bottom)

Check for the TMP and TEMP variables under both System and User variables. If you see the variable set to a value between percent signs (ex: %TMP%) or to a path with all ASCII characters, the variable is fine. Otherwise, if the varilable have non-ASCII characters such as an exclaimation point (!), these variables can be modified by double clicking on the variable or highlighting it and choosing Edit.

Once changed, reboot the machine and retry the installation.

2) Try the installation in Windows Safe mode.

If the installation folder and the TEMP/TMP folders are all ASCII based, you may be able to resolve this issue by installing MATLAB in Windows Safe Mode. Safe Mode disables hardware drivers and may allow the installation to complete. To enter Safe Mode, reboot the machine. As the machine is booting, tap the F8 key every few seconds until a menu appears. In the menu, select the option for: "Safe Mode with Networking". Log in as normal and try the installation.

3) Try different installation files

If the installer does not work after the workarounds above, the best option is to try different installation files. These can be from a different DVD or via downloads from the MathWorks website. For instructions on how to download, see the related solution: 1-1815H "How do I download licensed MATLAB products from MathWorks website?"

If you are still unable to install after following these steps, contact Installation support here:


Scott on 21 Apr 2014

Hello Krzysztof,

In MATLAB R2014a the error message has been updated to read "You have entered an invalid folder name. Folder names cannot contain non-English characters." As long as you are installing MATLAB into a folder which does not contain characters from a non-Latin alphabet, you shouldn't encounter this error.



Laura on 27 Apr 2014

Hello Scott,

I also tried to install MATLAB R2014a and had the "Error finding installer class" not the one you said. I tried changing the TEMP and TMP variables and to install the product on safe mode but neither worked. I contacted the installation support and I hope they helped me.

Scott on 12 Jun 2014

Hi Laura,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have successfully reproduced this issue and submitted a bug report to the developers.


MathWorks Support Team
Answer by Andre on 26 May 2014


the autoinstaller extracts into a Directory starting with "./_temp", ie. it tries to create an install Directory at the current directory. To me it seems that it doesn't look after the environment variables. You can copy the downloaded installer into eg. c:\Temp and then start a command prompt Switch to c:\Temp and run the installer from within the command prompt window. This will extract the temporary files and run the installer in GUI mode and works flawlessly.



Answer by Jaeho on 11 Jun 2014

Hello Thanks for the recommendations. I just moved the directory installation files to TEMP and my installation is running. Emerson Brandao



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