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subtracting a constant from all the array elements in a structure

Asked by AP
on 16 Jun 2011

I have defined an array of struct, named A. A is the profile by which the experiment is done. There are 4 profiles.

A has a member named B which is a cell array. B is of size N×1 where N is the number of experiments, approximately 5000. Elements of B are M×1 vectors. M varies with respect to the experiment.

For example, A(3).B{2} is for profile#3 and experiment#2.

I am trying update the values of B for each profile by subtracting 4 different constants from the elements of B. I tried the following but I get error.

for i=1:4
   A(i).B=arrayfun(@(x) (x-cons(i)),[A(i).B)]);

I would appreciate your help. :)


I figured it out by using:
A(i).B=cellfun(@(x) (x-cons(i)), A(i).B, 'uniformOutput',false);

I would be thankful for suggesting a better solution, :)))))


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1 Answer

Answer by Andrei Bobrov
on 16 Jun 2011

V2 = arrayfun(@(x)cellfun(@(y)y-cons(x),V{x},'un',0)  ,1:length(A),'un',0);
A = struct('B',V2)

it variant without loop, but I think your variant better


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