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How do I use MathWorks tools to apply Model-Based Design for ARP-4754 or DO-178B applications?

I am looking to apply Model-Based Design to develop software for use in projects that require code certification as defined in ARP-4754 and/or DO-178B standards.

I am looking for an example that outlines the steps I could take to apply Model-Based Design to generate, verify and validate safety critical software.


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Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 5 Aug 2010
 Accepted answer

You can find information regarding MathWorks support for DO-178B at the following link:

For R2009a+, MathWorks introduced DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178) product. Please visit the product page shown below or obtain a trial for details on MathWorks support of this standard.

For releases prior to R2009a+, a detailed demo of applying Model-Based Design to projects that require compliance with ARP-4754 and DO-178B standards is available here:

A recorded webinar describing the workflow of applying Model-Based Design to generate code that must meet the objectives of DO-178B for certification is available here:

Note that the files and models in the demos are tested on the version of MATLAB, Simulink and Real-Time Workshop mentioned. It is important to download the appropriate version based on the release of MATLAB, Simulink and Real-Time Workshop installed on your machine.

Please contact Bill Potter (<>) or MathWorks Technical Support if you have difficulty in following the steps outlined in the demo, or require further information.


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