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Is Digilent Atlys development board supported in releases prior to R2012a?

Asked by MathWorks Support Team on 19 Mar 2012

I would like to use the Digilent Atlys development board with a version of HDL Coder prior to R2012a. Is this supported?



1 Answer

Answer by MathWorks Support Team on 19 Mar 2012
 Accepted answer

Digilent Atlys development board has been supported in previous releases. It is recommended to move to the latest release if at all possible, as that will generally be the most capable and robust offering from MathWorks.

For R2011b, R2011a:

Windows and Linux host (32bit and 64 bit supported):

MathWorks Products required:

     -HDL Verifier (for FPGA-in-the-loop only)
     -Fixed-Point Toolbox
     -Simulink Fixed Point
     -HDL Coder (for code generation only)


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