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How to find the size of a cell array

Asked by Brian

Brian (view profile)

on 21 Jun 2011

I have a cell array (raw from xlsread) that contains multiple data types. Is there a way to measure the size (length and width) of this cell array or convert it to a matrix so I can use the size function?



Brian (view profile)


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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski (view profile)

on 21 Jun 2011
Accepted answer
A = cell(20,11);
ans =
  20    11

works for me... ? Or do you want the size of the contents of each cell?

cellsz = cellfun(@size,A,'uni',false);

Addendum per comment:

I still am not getting what you want.

clear A
>> A{1} = single(ones(4));
>> A{2} = uint8(toeplitz(1:10));
>> A{3} = 'Hello World'
A = 
  [4x4 single]    [10x10 uint8]    'Hello World'
>> size(A)
ans =
   1     3
>> cellsz = cellfun(@size,A,'uni',false);
>> cellsz{:}
ans =
   4     4
ans =
  10    10
ans =
   1    11


Matt Tearle

Matt Tearle (view profile)

on 21 Jun 2011

Shouldn't be nested, if it's the raw output from xlsread, but perhaps there are multiple of these are being read into a cell?

Brian, can you show the code that's leading to the error message you've copied above (assuming that's what "??? All contents..." is), and/or explain more what you're trying to get? The raw output from xlsread is a cell array where each cell corresponds to an Excel cell, so size(raw) should give the number of rows and columns, as Sean says.

Labeeb Ahmed

Labeeb Ahmed (view profile)

on 6 Aug 2012

One more doubt pls..

I have a cell array that may be empty,having one element or more than one element. how can i make decision accorind to size of cell array ?? ie. size(s) = 0 1 or size(s) = 1 1 or size(s) = 3 1 . I only need the information that how many rows are there Thnks in advance

Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski (view profile)

on 6 Aug 2012

@Labeeb, this really should be a new question. The answer is to use isempty.

doc isempty
Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski (view profile)

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