Walter Roberson

Walter Roberson

Liberté. L'égalité. Cacao chaud.

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Image Analyst

Image Analyst

Senior Scientist in one of the world's 10 largest industrial corporations doing image analysis full time. Ph.D. in Optical Sciences specializing in imaging, image processing, and image analysis. 33+ years of military, academic, and (mostly) industrial experience with image analysis programming and algorithm development. Experience designing custom light booths and other imaging systems. Experience with color and monochrome imaging, thermal, ultraviolet, CT, MRI, radiography, profilometry, microscopy, etc. on a huge variety of subjects. Be sure to click "View All" in my File Exchange to see ALL of my demos and tutorials: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/?term=authorid%3A31862

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Jan Simon

Jan Simon

Computers assist human, not the other way around.

Questions about FileExchange submissions are welcome. Get my address from the code.

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Azzi Abdelmalek

Azzi Abdelmalek

University teacher
Speciality: Automatic control
Hobbies: Football, Music and Chess.

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Sean de Wolski

Sean de Wolski

I like to be outside. But if I'm inside, I like to be using MATLAB.

I'm an Application Support Engineer at MathWorks and civil/structural engineer by education.

Some Interests:
-Image Processing, specifically 3d images (CT, mri)
-All things graphics
-Optimization: both of code and objective functions
-Finite Element Analysis

The two things I want to improve on most are regular expressions and OOP.

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Andrei Bobrov
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Wayne King

Wayne King

I work on signal processing documentation at MathWorks.

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

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Matt Fig

Matt Fig

Matt holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a bachelor's degree in Physics. He is now employed at the Idaho National Lab, where he works in fuels characterization. His main work is to develop new material properties measurement techniques, for which he uses MATLAB daily. He enjoys his family, coding, and the great Idaho countryside.
The image shows off some MATLAB swag I have collected over the years.

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Matt J
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Kaustubha Govind

Kaustubha Govind

I am a Software Developer on the Simulink Engine team at MathWorks. I have also worked in our Technical Support Department in the past, with a specialization in our code-generation products.

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Please be considerate and avoid sending personal messages to contributors on this forum. All users participate voluntarily, and in their spare time. It is forum etiquette to first search for a solution to your problem on the forum to see if it has been answered before. If you do not find a solution, formulate your problem well and post it as a question on the forum. Be patient and allow time for it to be answered. There are some great tips in these discussions:

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Fangjun Jiang

Fangjun Jiang

What is a model?

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the cyclist

the cyclist

Researcher and Director of Data Science at PatientsLikeMe.com; MATLAB evangelist.

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Oleg Komarov

Oleg Komarov

PhD student in Finance at IC Business School

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Paulo Silva

Paulo Silva

Just done my Masters degree in Control and Industrial Electronics, I also have one licenciates degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

I love to use MATLAB and to help others using it, everyday I learn something new.

Currently teaching and supporting students with several projects that use MATLAB for Biomedical Imaging.

Please don't send me emails asking for code or help, I will only help the best I can here at MATLAB Answers.

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per isakson
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James Tursa

James Tursa

Interested in external applications, mex & engine applications with Fortran, C, C++, etc.

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Andrew Newell

Andrew Newell

A geophysicist who uses MATLAB for most of his modeling.

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Greg Heath

Greg Heath

Backgound in Electromagnetic Theory, Plasma Physics and Radar Target Identification using Neural Networks. Student, Research Assistant and Lecturer at Stanford;
Student, Research Assistant, Fellow and Professor at Brown; 27 yrs researching Ballistic and Theatre Missile Defense using Neural Networks at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Retired 2003.


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Please do not write me a PM. Post questions or follow up question on MATLAB Answers. I will not answer a PM.

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Cedric Wannaz

Cedric Wannaz

General interest: interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems (in particular mixing Mathematics, Physics, and Computer science).

I generally don't answer questions through email. However, as there aren't that many people answering questions about REGEXP on the forum, feel free to contact me on this particular matter.

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Matt Tearle

Matt Tearle

I love MATLAB. I love teaching people to love MATLAB.

I love it so much that I went to work for the people who make MATLAB. I spend my days at MathWorks creating material to help people learn MATLAB. Life is good.

(My love of teaching MATLAB notwithstanding, please don't email me for help -- post a question to MATLAB Answers instead. Firstly, your email will probably be swallowed by my spam filter. Secondly, private consulting isn't in my job description.)

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Mischa Kim

Mischa Kim

Networker, learner, educator

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Roger Stafford
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Love MATLAB :)
Work with Wireless Sensor Networks, Medical Image processing (MRI,fMRi,DTI), High Performance Computing at UAB

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Honglei Chen
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I started using Matlab from 2011.
I am using Matlab/Simulink in embedded system domain to design automotive control systems.

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Titus Edelhofer

Titus Edelhofer

MATLAB user since 1992 and working for MathWorks since 2001.

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Technical Marketing
Statistics and Machine Learning Applications

All comments, suggestions, recommendations and opinions expressed in this forum are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of MathWorks.
Last name for email: Prasanna

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Teja Muppirala
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Andreas Goser

Andreas Goser

MATLAB user since 1995
MathWorker since 2000
Technical Support Manager

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Arnaud Miege

Arnaud Miege

Previously working at The MathWorks in the UK as an application engineer for nearly 6 years, I focussed on Simulink applications in general, and physical modelling in particular. I also used to work in the area of rapid prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop simulations with xPC Target. I have been using MATLAB and Simulink for the past 12 years.

My personal web page is at http://www.arnaudmiege.co.uk

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David Young
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Edric Ellis

Edric Ellis

Developer at MathWorks, working on Parallel Computing Toolbox. On soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/edric-ellis .

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Star Strider
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Alan Weiss

Alan Weiss

I write documentation for MATLAB mathematical toolboxes, primarily optimization and PDE. I have also written documentation for statistics, symbolic math, and econometrics.

My pre-MathWorks job was with Bell Labs, primarily in mathematical models of data traffic, with a strong interest in parallel computation and in rare events (large deviations).

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Chandra Kurniawan

Chandra Kurniawan

Learn digital image processing with Matlab.
I regularly delete my unaccepted answers.

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David Sanchez

David Sanchez

Physicist, working as control engineer.

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Professional Engineer, undergraduate degree from Colorado School of Mines; hence my username

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Youssef  KHMOU

Youssef KHMOU

Research areas :
1) Interdisciplinary Approaches.
2) Applied Physics.
3) Quantum Physics .

DISCLAIMER: Advices or Opinions posted are from author , and do not reflect that of MathWorks.

Files are listed in :

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Tom Lane

Tom Lane

Statistics Toolbox developer

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Jos (10584)
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I use MATLAB for small jobs and C++ for real jobs.

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Jason Ross

Jason Ross

I work in Quality Engineering at The MathWorks, primarily on the Parallel Computing Toolbox. My background includes experience in systems administration, mechanical engineering and software engineering. Personal interests include my kids, my car, house projects, reading, barbecue, role playing games and personal fitness. Please note that I contribute to Answers when I can. Personal messages will likely go unanswered. Please submit questions to the forum.

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Guy Rouleau

Guy Rouleau

Application Support Engineer for MathWorks. I like to write about Simulink and other MathWorks tools used in Model-Based Design at http://blogs.mathworks.com/seth

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John D'Errico

John D'Errico

Mainly retired from Eastman Kodak. (Of course, Kodak itself is now semi-retired. I don't think I had any influence in that.) I still write MATLAB code as I find something interesting, but I DON'T answer your questions, and I do NOT do homework. Your homework is YOUR problem, not mine. Do NOT e-mail me with your homework problems or student projects. When I'm not doing something with MATLAB, you might find me playing bridge.

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Rick Rosson

Rick Rosson

Senior Applications Engineer specializing in Signal Processing and Communication Systems.

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