Rick Rosson

Company/University The MathWorks
Personal Profile

Software, modeling, and simulation engineer. Former Senior Applications Engineer at MathWorks. Professional interests include: digital signal processing, statistical signal processing, control system design, dynamic system modeling and simulation, data analysis and visualization.

Professional Interests

Digital Signal Processing, Digital Communication Systems, Image and Video Processing, Audio Processing, Model-Based Design, Embedded Systems, Adaptive Filtering Algorithms, Control Systems, Statistical Signal Processing, Statistical Process Control, Discrete Event Simulation


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Rick Rosson received Speed Demon badge for Solution 571854

on 2 Feb 2015

Rick Rosson submitted a Comment to Solution 51364

Sorry for cheating, but you made it too easy...

on 25 Feb 2012

Rick Rosson submitted a Comment to Problem 381. Angle between two vectors

Also, your test should not use string comparison to evaluate what is a purely numerical computation. It would be better if you subtracted the correct answer from the proposed answer, and then compared the absolute value to a am all threshold, such as 1e-6.

on 25 Feb 2012

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