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Cedric Wannaz

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Eurisko Research

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General interest: interdisciplinary approaches to complex problems (in particular mixing Mathematics, Physics, and Computer science).

Professional Interests

Physics, modeling, environmental health sciences


Cedric Wannaz submitted a Comment to Solution 211315

Ah! I misunderstood the question then; I thought that there was a rotation in directions according to the north parameter, whereas the latter indicates which of the four numbers should be placed in the north position.

on 4 Mar 2013

Cedric Wannaz received Commenter badge for Solution 211315

on 2 Mar 2013

Cedric Wannaz submitted a Comment to Solution 211315

I might have misunderstood the statement, but to me the second test is wrong and td should be defined by td = [' 8 ' ' 5 27' ' 46 '];

on 2 Mar 2013