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Kaustubha Govind

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Personal Profile

I am a Software Developer on the Simulink Engine team at MathWorks. I have also worked in our Technical Support Department in the past, with a specialization in our code-generation products.

DISCLAIMER: Any advice or opinions posted here are my own, and in no way reflect that of MathWorks.

**IMPORTANT NOTE**: Please be considerate and avoid sending personal messages to contributors on this forum. All users participate voluntarily, and in their spare time. It is forum etiquette to first search for a solution to your problem on the forum to see if it has been answered before. If you do not find a solution, formulate your problem well and post it as a question on the forum. Be patient and allow time for it to be answered. There are some great tips in these discussions:

Professional Interests

Embedded Systems, Signal Processing, Software Design


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