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University of Michigan

Personal Profile

Aussie living in the US. Engineering with MATLAB.

Some Interests:
-3D Volume Processing (CT, mri)
-Finite Element Analysis (human body simulation)
-Geometry Analysis (human body morphomics)

Professional Interests

Image processing, Finite Element Analysis, Human Body Biomechanics


Sven submitted Solution 203839 to Problem 55. Counting Sequence

on 14 Feb 2013

Sven submitted Solution 52349 to Problem 74. Balanced number

on 21 Jan 2013

Sven submitted Solution 132555 to Problem 325. 2 b | ~ 2 b

on 30 Aug 2012

Sven submitted Solution 132547 to Problem 431. Sorting

on 30 Aug 2012

Sven submitted a Comment to Solution 111016

Hehe... yep I'm sure that would send us scrambling to add a tolerance to whatever-the-current-best-solution-was. But if this were intended for a bwboundaries(BW,'noholes','minimal') type option to bwboundaries, then all coordinates could be assumed integers and even the normalisation would be an unnecessary step since bwboundaries never skips a pixel.

on 13 Jul 2012

Sven submitted a Comment to Solution 110965

Well then, I bet that the following would run faster and work on any dimensioned data (such as a [10,2,50] sized matrix representing 50 sets of 10 XY vectors): normr = @(v)bsxfun(@rdivide, v, sqrt(sum(v.^2, 2)));

on 13 Jul 2012