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Grzegorz Knor

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Warsaw Institute of Aviation

Personal Profile

My personal website:
My profile on Polish matlab forum:
Professional Interests: data science, finite element method, signal processing

Professional Interests

Finite element method, signal processing


Solver +10

Earned on 4 Apr 2012 for solving Problem 1. Times 2 - START HERE.

Promoter +10

Earned on 6 Jun 2012 for liking Problem 748. Wrapping the Tower of Pisa.

Commenter +10

Earned on 23 May 2012 for commenting on Problem 710. Replace Vector Elements.

Creator +20

Earned on 22 Apr 2012 for creating Problem 611. surrounded matrix.

Speed Demon +50

Earned on 2 Jul 2014 for first solving Problem 615. Nilpotent matrix.

CUP Challenge Master +50

Earned on 15 Jan 2014 for solving all the problems in CUP Challenge.

Leader +20

Earned on 17 May 2012 for submitting the best solution Solution 89848.

Quiz Master +20

Earned on 17 Sep 2015 for having 50 or more solvers for Problem 611. surrounded matrix.

Tiles Challenge Master +50

Earned on 3 Sep 2013 for solving all the problems in Tiles Challenge.

ASEE Challenge Master +50

Earned on 19 Sep 2013 for solving all the problems in ASEE Challenge.

Cody Challenge Master +50

Earned on 14 Mar 2013 for solving all the problems in Cody Challenge.

Puzzler +50

Earned on 10 Sep 2014 for creating 10 problems.

Scholar +50

Earned on 4 Sep 2013 for solving 500 problems.

Modeling and Simulation Challenge Master +50


Solve all the problems in Modeling and Simulation Challenge problem group.

Magic Numbers Master +50


Solve all the problems in Magic Numbers problem group.

Famous +20


Must receive 25 total likes for the problems you created.

Celebrity +20


Must receive 50 total likes for the solutions you submitted.

Renowned +20


Must receive 10 likes for a solution you submitted.

Likeable +20


Must receive 10 likes for a problem you created.