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Sean de Wolski

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Personal Profile

I like to be outside. But if I'm inside, I like to be using MATLAB.

I'm an Application Engineer at MathWorks and civil/structural engineer by education.

Some Interests:
-Image Processing, specifically 3d images (CT, mri)
-All things graphics
-Optimization: both of code and objective functions
-Finite Element Analysis

The two things I want to improve on most are regular expressions and OOP.

Professional Interests



Sean de Wolski submitted Solution 386472 to Problem 2115. Test

on 15 Jan 2014

Sean de Wolski submitted a Comment to Problem 2029. Convert vector datasets to plot with imagesc instead of scatter

I think the test suite is wrong: If "G" is supposed to have a "minimal number of empty cells" then why is the second test a 9x9 with the last column being all zeros? I would expect this column to be unnecessary. For the first test, I'm getting 1.2690e-05 for chk2. Problem is great though!

on 3 Dec 2013

Sean de Wolski submitted a Comment to Problem 2002. Schrödinger dog

Good problem!

on 20 Nov 2013