Sean de Wolski

Company/University MathWorks
Personal Profile

I like to be outside. But if I'm inside, I like to be using MATLAB.

I'm an Application Engineer at MathWorks and civil/structural engineer by education.

Some Interests:
-Image Processing, specifically 3d images (CT, mri)
-All things graphics
-Optimization: both of code and objective functions
-Finite Element Analysis

The two things I want to improve on most are regular expressions and OOP.
Professional Interests: MATLAB

Professional Interests



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Sean de Wolski submitted a Comment to Problem 2870. Print the largest eigenvalue of A(500)

"Correct" answer does not have enough precision.

on 21 Jan 2015

Sean de Wolski submitted Solution 386472 to Problem 2115. Test

on 15 Jan 2014

Sean de Wolski submitted a Comment to Problem 2029. Convert vector datasets to plot with imagesc instead of scatter

I think the test suite is wrong: If "G" is supposed to have a "minimal number of empty cells" then why is the second test a 9x9 with the last column being all zeros? I would expect this column to be unnecessary. For the first test, I'm getting 1.2690e-05 for chk2. Problem is great though!

on 3 Dec 2013

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