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Promoter +10

Earned on 14 Mar 2012 for liking Solution 45576.

Commenter +10

Earned on 15 Mar 2012 for commenting on Problem 105. How to find the position of an element in a vec....

Speed Demon +50

Earned on 19 Feb 2015 for first solving Problem 558. Is the Point in a Triangle?.

CUP Challenge Master +50


Solve all the problems in CUP Challenge problem group.

Leader +20

Earned on 23 Mar 2012 for submitting the best solution Solution 65079.

Quiz Master +20

Earned on 21 Jan 2016 for having 50 or more solvers for Problem 555. "Low : High - Low : High - Turn around " -- Cr....

Tiles Challenge Master +50

Earned on 26 Jan 2013 for solving all the problems in Tiles Challenge.

ASEE Challenge Master +50

Earned on 10 Aug 2012 for solving all the problems in ASEE Challenge.

Cody Challenge Master +50

Earned on 14 Mar 2013 for solving all the problems in Cody Challenge.

Puzzler +50


Create 10 problems.

Scholar +50

Earned on 24 Jan 2013 for solving 500 problems.

Modeling and Simulation Challenge Master +50


Solve all the problems in Modeling and Simulation Challenge problem group.

Magic Numbers Master +50


Solve all the problems in Magic Numbers problem group.

Famous +20


Must receive 25 total likes for the problems you created.

Celebrity +20


Must receive 50 total likes for the solutions you submitted.

Renowned +20

Earned on 4 Jan 2014 for Solution 84171 for having 10 or more likes.

Likeable +20


Must receive 10 likes for a problem you created.