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James submitted a Comment to Problem 42472. Counting pulses in a signal

I can get the pulses counted correctly, but they start counting at the end of the pulse, rather than the beginning. Any help from the Simulink non-newbies out there?

on 3 Aug 2015

James submitted a Comment to Problem 42460. The cake is a lie...

You're half right: the cuts have to be straight. The cake is 3-D, though. Assume the cake is a rectangular solid, and all cuts are planar.

on 28 Jul 2015

James submitted a Comment to Solution 699828

Alfonso, I've submitted the same values of x1 and x2 four times, and I've received four different distances. The solution numbers are 697837 and 699826-699828. I ran into this issue on my own computer, but thought it was just due to a much earlier version of MATLAB mucking things up. I'm not nearly smart enough to figure out why this is happening. Any thoughts?

on 13 Jul 2015

James submitted Solution 699828 to Problem 42397. Megan's walk

on 13 Jul 2015