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Jean-Marie Sainthillier

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Professional Interests

Matlab, Chess, VTT (in this order)


Jean-Marie Sainthillier submitted a Comment to Problem 2770. Probability of Choosing a Red Ball

I can't submit a solution to this problem. I have the message : There was an issue submitting your solution (Remove inappropriate content. For guidelines, see About Cody). I don't understand why, everything is classic in my code and works fine on my computer. I even can't pass the tests. Any idea ?

on 12 Aug 2015 at 20:02

Jean-Marie Sainthillier submitted a Comment to Problem 42470. Make a half wave rectifier

I observed that with Simulink problems, you can only see a picture of each solution. But if you click on the solution number and Improve This Model, you access to the code.

on 3 Aug 2015 at 22:07

Jean-Marie Sainthillier submitted a Comment to Solution 695335

First time I see ismembertol.Nice !

on 21 Jul 2015