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Youssef Khmou

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Research areas :
1) Interdisciplinary Approaches.
2) Applied Physics.
3) Quantum Physics .

DISCLAIMER: Advices or Opinions posted are from author , and do not reflect that of MathWorks.

Files are listed in :
Professional Interests: Applied Physics

Professional Interests

Applied Physics


Youssef Khmou received Quiz Master badge for Solution 804478

on 11 Jan 2016

Youssef Khmou received Promoter badge for Problem 34. Binary numbers

on 27 Nov 2014

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 181535

We used a subfunction Cpn(n,p) Y=factorial(p)/(factorial(n)*factorial(p-n)) instead of the function "nchoosek" .

on 25 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted Solution 181532 to Problem 167. Pizza!

on 25 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 181405

'j' corresponds to 10 according to the code above so, the word that gives exaclty 1E+6 is 'jjjjjj' % word_product('jjjjjj')=1E+6

on 24 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou received Commenter badge for Solution 124922

on 8 Aug 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 124922

this function collatz(N) produces specific values for N=10000, try this : ---------------------- N=collatz(1000); plot(N); ----------------------- % more interesting figure, derivate N ----------------------- dN=diff(N); figure,plot(dN) ----------------------- dN looks like a sample of voice signal.

on 8 Aug 2012

Youssef Khmou received Solver badge for Solution 107659

on 7 Jul 2012