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Youssef Khmou

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Research areas :
1) Interdisciplinary Approaches.
2) Applied Physics.
3) Quantum Physics .

DISCLAIMER: Advices or Opinions posted are from author , and do not reflect that of MathWorks.

Files are listed in :
Professional Interests: Applied Physics

Professional Interests

Applied Physics


Youssef Khmou received Quiz Master badge for Solution 804478

on 11 Jan 2016 at 16:11

Youssef Khmou received Promoter badge for Problem 34. Binary numbers

on 27 Nov 2014

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 181535

We used a subfunction Cpn(n,p) Y=factorial(p)/(factorial(n)*factorial(p-n)) instead of the function "nchoosek" .

on 25 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted Solution 181532 to Problem 167. Pizza!

on 25 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 181405

'j' corresponds to 10 according to the code above so, the word that gives exaclty 1E+6 is 'jjjjjj' % word_product('jjjjjj')=1E+6

on 24 Dec 2012

Youssef Khmou received Commenter badge for Solution 124922

on 8 Aug 2012

Youssef Khmou submitted a Comment to Solution 124922

this function collatz(N) produces specific values for N=10000, try this : ---------------------- N=collatz(1000); plot(N); ----------------------- % more interesting figure, derivate N ----------------------- dN=diff(N); figure,plot(dN) ----------------------- dN looks like a sample of voice signal.

on 8 Aug 2012

Youssef Khmou received Solver badge for Solution 107659

on 7 Jul 2012