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Problem 1010. Create a "map" of 2D wavelet coefficients

Created by Ryszard Maciol

Generate a matrix that for an image of size r*2^S by c*2^S indicates index of the wavelet subbands after 2D Discrete Wavelet Transform. Subbands are indexed from the lowest to highest frequency clockwise.

As inputs number of scales S and size (r x c) of the lowest frequency subband are given.

For example (2 scales and r=1, c=1) :

w = createDWTBlockMap(2, 1, 1)

Should produce:

1     2     5     5
4     3     5     5
7     7     6     6
7     7     6     6

1 (or 1s) in the top-left corner indicating approximation band and then 2,3,4,..,3*S+1 the other bands.


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Last solution submitted on Apr 21, 2015