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Problem 1150. Polybius Square

Created by Mehmet OZC

Given a string, calculate the coordinates. Input will be always in lowercase. If string is a sentence then use 0 (zero) to indicate the space between words.

   1 2 3 4 5 6
1  a b c d e f 
2  g h i j k l
3  m n o p q r
4  s t u v w x
5  y z

input 'cody' returns [13 33 14 51] and

input 'i love matlab' returns [23 0 26 33 44 15 0 31 11 42 26 11 12].

For more information refer to. Please note that another colum (6th column) is added in order to seperate letter i and letter j. That means table in this question is different from reference page.

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Last solution submitted on Feb 27, 2016