Solution 196876

Submitted on 25 Jan 2013
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Test Suite

Test Status Code Input and Output
1   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(1),111))
Error: Assertion failed.
2   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(2),301))
Error: Assertion failed.
3   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(3),315))
Error: Assertion failed.
4   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(4),2301))
Error: Assertion failed.
5   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(5),2325))
Error: Assertion failed.
6   Fail
%% assert(isequal(mystery(50),612))
Error: Assertion failed.
7   Fail
%% x=1:50; m=mystery(x); assert(all(m==round(m))) y=spline(x,m,[12.5 37.5]); assert(all(y==[704.84846527373202 1283.5708406360138]))
Error: The number of sites, 50, is incompatible with the number of values, 1.