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Problem 1246. PACMAT 05 - Optimized Ghosts, PACMAT increasing speed, 12 Lives

Created by Richard Zapor

The Classic PACMAN game brought to Cody.

PACMAT requires clearing the Yellow Dots while avoiding the wandering ghosts in 12 lives. Adjacent Ghosts will capture PACMAT. Ghosts do not use the tunnel. On Ghost capture everyone gets reset. These trained ghosts take the minimum path to PACMAT assuming the other Ghosts are walls. PACMAT gets faster as a function of captures.

To aid in development of your routine, a PACMAT_Ghosts_005.m file that creates a video has been posted at PACMAT_Ghosts_005.m. (Right click, 'save link as'). Using patches thus enable/figure, disable/video for best results.

Alfonso Enhanced (MP4) Alfonso clears at 2X speed with multiple tunnel usages.

Inputs: Map Definitions: -1=Wall, 0=Empty, 1=Dot, 2=PACMAT, >2=Ghost

Output: Direction Definitions: 1-Up, 2-Right, 3-Down, 4-Left, 0-No move

Pass Criteria: Clear all dots


score = F(Lives Remaining) + moves
F = [ 9000 8000 7500 7000 6500 4000 3000 2000 1000 500 100 0]  

Note: Speed as function of Lives remaining [12 8 6 4 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 1];

Future: Asteroids


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Last solution submitted on Feb 06, 2013

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