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Problem 1284. Animated GIF Creator

Created by Richard Zapor

This Challenge is to execute the Function Template which has a fully functional Animated GIF creator of a shape related to a Zernike polynomial, as seen below.

Based on the Elastic Collision 1 - D I asked my Team how to create a GIF using Matlab. The response was a splendid implementation. There are multiple links inside mathworks on Animated GIF creation. Mathworks Create a GIF, Mathworks File Exchange GIF

The Function Template example is courtesy of Team. I added a few comments. This implementation uses refreshdata and imwrite.

Other methods of GIF creation are welcome. Place a comment with your favorite GIF method and I will try to add example GIF outputs. (Max size 256x256)


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14 correct solutions 4 incorrect solutions
Last solution submitted on Apr 02, 2016