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Problem 1885. Minimum Sum thru a Lower Triangle

Created by Richard Zapor

This Challenge is to find the minimum cumulative sum that traverses from row-1 thru row-N via vertical/diagonal adjacent elements of adjacent rows.

The input is a series of values of length n*(n+1)/2.

Input: S [Series that can be converted into a lower triangle]

Output: MinSum [Minimum cost path from top to bottom]


[5 7 6 3 2 5] becomes

5 0 0
7 6 0
3 2 5

Creates a MinSum of 13 [5+6+2]. The 5 can only see 6, 3 sees 7 and 6, while 2 sees 7 6 0.

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Solution Statistics

15 correct solutions 5 incorrect solutions
Last solution submitted on Nov 14, 2014

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