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Problem 1915. GJam 2013 Veterans: Baby Height Prediction

Created by Richard Zapor

This Challenge is derived from GJam 2013 Veterans Baby Height. Only the first 82 of 5958 test cases are evaluated.

The GJam story goes that a baby's final height can be bounded given its mom's and dad's height(Ht) and its sex. Baby Nominal Ht is (Mom Ht+ Dad Ht + Baby Sex Adj)/2. A boy gets an Adjust of +5" while a girl is -5". The range is +/- 4" from nominal. However, for fractional inches the range is reduced until endpoints are whole inches.

Input: str , String of Sex, Mom and Dad Height x'y"

Output: H , string of Predicted Height Range

Examples: [str] [H]

B 5'11" 6'2"  spawns 5'11" to 6'7"
G 5'11" 6'2" spawns 5'6" to 6'2"
B 3'4" 3'4" spawns 3'3" to 3'10"


1) Provide input like fgetl per test case
2) 15 of 32 entrants completed this Challenge
3) This is a test of regexp and sprintf formatting (or just regexprep)


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6 correct solutions 16 incorrect solutions
Last solution submitted on Mar 21, 2015

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