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Problem 1998. Bleed non-zeros to the right

Created by J-G van der Toorn

What a title! Yet, it says what I mean.

You get a vector, some values and a lot of zeroes. Every zero is replaced by the first non-zero element to its left.

For example, [1 0 0 2 0] becomes [1 1 1 2 2] and [0 0 -12 13 0 i 0 -i 76.54321 0 0] becomes [0 0 -12 13 13 i i -i 76.54321 76.54321 76.54321].

Easy, isn't it?

Regexp, regexprep, regexpi, eval, evalc, evalin, nor inline are allowed this time.

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Last solution submitted on Jun 23, 2015

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