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Problem 2118. Test of Quiz

Created by Petr Dostal

Answer the questions and write in vector. Only one answer is correct.

The founder of fuzzy logic is

 1a) D. Golberg
 1b) L. Zadeh
 1c) J. Holland
 1d) W. Pitts

One of the founders of the artificial neuron model is:

 2a) W. McCulloch 
 2b) R.Williams
 2c) G. Hinton
 2d) P. Man

The founder of genetic algorithm is:

 3a) A. Murphy
 3b) T. Blair
 3c) A. Clifford
 3d) J. Holland

The founder of fractals is:

 4a) A. Einstein
 4b) L. Zadeh
 4c) B. Mandelbrott
 4d) J. Heyrovský

The answer is in the form

 function y = res(x)
   y =  ['1a 2b 3c 4d'];


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Last solution submitted on Mar 25, 2016

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