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Problem 2225. a magic number.

Created by James

Yes it is...

It's a magic number...

To help you get rid of that earworm, here's a new Cody problem. You are given a square matrix containing positive integers. We want to determine if there are three consecutive occurrences of the same number in a row or column. For example:

 1 1 1
 4 2 3
 2 3 4

Should be marked "true" because there are three consecutive ones in the first row. Likewise

 5 2 3
 5 3 2
 5 4 1

should also be marked "true" because there are three consecutive fives in the first column. However:

 5 2 3
 3 5 2
 1 4 5

Is false, as we do not care about the three consecutive fives along the trace of the matrix. The matrix will always be at least 3x3, but they can be larger. Good luck!

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Last solution submitted on Mar 11, 2016

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