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Problem 2346. Tic Tac Toe Solver

Created by Grant III

Create a function that checks n number of tic tac toe boards housed in a 3x3xn matrix where the x's are represented as 1's (and o's as 0's) to determine which player won (if either) and which direction the win lies. 1=win for x's, 0=win for o's, -1=tie. 1=horizontal, 2=vertical, 3=diagonal, 0=not applicable (used for a tie). For example, in the following board:

 0 1 0
 1 1 1
 1 0 0

the 1's player won in a horizontal direction: [1 1].

See the test suite below for more examples. The solution will be an nx2 matrix with one row for each board.


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22 correct solutions 5 incorrect solutions
Last solution submitted on Mar 28, 2015

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