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Problem 689. Sort an array of structures

Created by Aurelien Queffurust

You need to sort an array of structures based upon a numeric first field:

For example :

array = [a b c]

This array of 3 structures is not sorted yet since:

>> array(2)

shows: ans =

       n: 3
    name: 'b'

The aim is to have for this example the output array such as :

>> array(1)
ans = 
         n: 1
      name: 'a'
>> array(2)
ans = 
         n: 2
      name: 'c'
>> array(3)
ans = 
         n: 3
      name: 'b'

The input of this problem is an array of structures. .


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Last solution submitted on Feb 19, 2015