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Problem 767. Assign numerical values to a structure with 1 field

Created by Aurelien Queffurust

The aim is to assign values to a multidimensional structure without using for-loop or while-loop

Example with a structure 2*3:

s = repmat(struct('prices', 0), 2, 3);
data = [11 12 13 ;21 22 23 ];

The expected output s2 will be the following structure 2*3:

   s2(1,1).prices = 11
   s2(1,2).prices = 12
   s2(1,3).prices = 13
   s2(2,1).prices = 21 
   s2(2,2).prices = 22
   s2(2,3).prices = 23


1) Using For-loops or While-loops is prohibited

2) For this problem the structure will always have a single field. In the above example s has an unique field "prices".

3) However the name of this field can be changed

Have fun!

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Last solution submitted on Apr 28, 2015