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Problem 859. Get the elements of diagonal and antidiagonal for any m-by-n matrix

Created by Aurelien Queffurust

In the problem Problem 858. Permute diagonal and antidiagonal created by Jean-Marie SAINTHILLIER the test suite is only based on squared m-by-m matrix .

In this problem you must submit a solution which returns the diagonal and anti-diagonal elements without using the DIAG function for any m-by-n matrix


If the input is a matrix 4*3

x =  [ 0     0     0
       1    48    17
       0     2    99
       14    0    3]

we expect 2 output vectors:

dg_elements = [0 48 99] % diagonal elements
antidg_elements = [14 2 17 ] % anti-diagonal elements

Note : You do not have to permute anything. Just return the elements.


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51 correct solutions 65 incorrect solutions
Last solution submitted on Mar 11, 2016

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