Winner Markus (ones 8)

Darkness 2007-11-07 12:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2007-11-08 12:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2007-11-09 12:00:00 UTC
Finish 2007-11-14 12:00:00 UTC

Gene Splicing - Statistics

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Saturday Leap

This listing shows how much each entry that took the lead on Saturday improved on the previous top score.

changetimetitle, author
31.424819:45howie haut drauf + noch viel mehr markus, Jan Langer
28.931818:33NoMoreObfuscationPlease4, Francois Glineur
18.143809:10backToCleanCode, YC
17.973510:07b12, DrSeuss
14.658122:12markus10_10, Markus
14.536413:41markus10_6, Markus
13.518521:08CatAgainstObfuscating10, SY
4.299411:34:-P, DrSeuss
2.839305:26Faster 2b, Francois Glineur
2.549409:20a98, DrSeuss
2.324210:31:-) :-) :-), DrSeuss
2.203807:50a99, DrSeuss
1.626515:49Mark up, the cyclist
1.594901:27Leap3, Alan Chalker
1.508103:25Faster 2, Abhisek Ukil
0.763215:50Mark down, the cyclist
0.237018:39NoMoreObfuscationPlease4_samechange, Stijn Helsen
0.167402:46Pingpong9, Abhisek Ukil
0.112318:19Mark down - test, Stijn Helsen
0.071302:45Pingpong8, Abhisek Ukil
0.013420:04howie haut drauf + stijn v3, Jan Langer

Best Per Phase

The top 25 contestant's best entry in each phase.

Top contestants during darkness

1Nick HoweThu 02:21686468433.85 (cyc: 4)46
2MarkusThu 08:58806678804.12 (cyc: 27)89
3Abhisek UkilThu 11:25871187049.00 (cyc: 13)6
4Per RutquistThu 10:58909090874.18 (cyc: 7)5
5EvaristoThu 11:53910190790.05 (cyc: 24)28
6FGHThu 10:46911487542.37 (cyc: 9)104
7Alan ChalkerThu 11:3710178101263.83 (cyc: 26)58
8James TaylorWed 16:3010189101872.19 (cyc: 9)2
9Cobus Potgieter & Hannes NaudThu 11:4510248102316.03 (cyc: 23)10
10Leo ComeThu 03:041035388013.38 (cyc: 10)133
11minimumphaseThu 05:0410556105442.86 (cyc: 13)29
12nathan qThu 09:4710889108752.53 (cyc: 9)39
13I love matlab!Wed 16:3411023110210.50 (cyc: 6)0
14Rajiv NarayanThu 11:4611067110592.41 (cyc: 14)11
15srachThu 10:2211082110415.91 (cyc: 10)60
16Claus StillThu 11:0111531115277.21 (cyc: 10)9
17Tristrom CookeWed 19:0811602115964.50 (cyc: 5)19
18Corbin HollandWed 19:2411706117027.50 (cyc: 11)2
19MagnusThu 08:5512064120615.32 (cyc: 7)0
20Justin BrownWed 18:2212218122147.05 (cyc: 6)9
21Mark KolbaThu 11:4714015140130.72 (cyc: 4)2
22DreadNoxThu 00:2414368143656.05 (cyc: 5)0
23Jose PinaThu 09:0814532145294.08 (cyc: 8)7
24KHHThu 09:5114634146277.46 (cyc: 13)7
25Jan LangerThu 11:1914747146887.92 (cyc: 9)67

Top contestants during twilight

1MarkusFri 11:48646564473.11 (cyc: 16)36
2Nick HoweFri 08:38666164730.34 (cyc: 6)91
3YCFri 10:52685167156.94 (cyc: 5)84
4Abhisek UkilFri 10:03709870349.63 (cyc: 25)64
5minimumphaseThu 16:28767576411.89 (cyc: 14)54
6EvaristoThu 15:58774776381.30 (cyc: 15)79
7peter tFri 09:05800277829.92 (cyc: 6)94
8Peter TorrioneFri 09:40806478752.39 (cyc: 6)91
9Alan ChalkerFri 01:48807080138.72 (cyc: 21)62
10Darren RowlandFri 00:50808580793.75 (cyc: 10)20
11nathan qFri 10:49810579894.82 (cyc: 32)77
12MichaelFri 11:55820080014.41 (cyc: 8)92
13SYFri 09:22820281065.43 (cyc: 6)77
14Michael PeakeFri 05:50851284719.39 (cyc: 9)60
15Q-DoggThu 15:39854585126.58 (cyc: 8)55
16MagnusFri 11:27860085568.03 (cyc: 5)61
17FGHThu 14:23904789918.71 (cyc: 8)66
18Jimmy RayThu 14:50907474857.72 (cyc: 12)134
19pete tThu 23:59909390599.25 (cyc: 5)56
20Soren KlimFri 06:44921391930.45 (cyc: 7)46
21A. OeyFri 01:14969196805.32 (cyc: 16)17
22M PFri 06:53971981888.44 (cyc: 9)133
23Cobus Potgieter & Hannes NaudThu 12:0010469104579.34 (cyc: 17)16
24srachFri 04:1810653106347.87 (cyc: 12)42
25AndreasFri 06:0510690105231.38 (cyc: 9)88

Top contestants during late twilight

1SYTue 11:54524651892.46 (cyc: 17)64
2David JonesTue 11:25525352137.01 (cyc: 16)56
3DrSeussTue 00:57530252633.69 (cyc: 15)57
4Abhisek UkilMon 20:06533452770.47 (cyc: 15)65
5nathan qMon 14:01533552754.47 (cyc: 15)66
6MikeRMon 12:00534252941.88 (cyc: 15)61
7SteveMon 12:00534752923.88 (cyc: 15)64
8FelTue 06:25534952908.39 (cyc: 15)65
9Jack SnoeyinkTue 07:38535153122.70 (cyc: 15)57
10Ken EatonMon 16:35535452862.51 (cyc: 11)70
11Ahmed ChamseddineMon 23:40536853216.20 (cyc: 14)61
12srachMon 15:20537353268.54 (cyc: 14)61
13mjpTue 11:47537352565.01 (cyc: 15)80
14Gwendolyn FischTue 03:11567452541.48 (cyc: 15)107
15Claus StillMon 13:57582656711.80 (cyc: 14)86
16TinkuTue 08:12638563674.38 (cyc: 16)36
17minimumphaseTue 01:33639663873.23 (cyc: 14)17
18tinkuMon 12:45815881407.30 (cyc: 24)8
19Jirachai GetpreecharsawasMon 12:08849084806.81 (cyc: 9)31
20TurmsMon 19:39857567960.76 (cyc: 14)136
21AndreasTue 06:3110639101166.67 (cyc: 8)111
22Leendert CombeeTue 04:541135682348.92 (cyc: 14)147
23Jake QuicksallTue 01:2913756137159.35 (cyc: 6)60
24MajorLoserMon 18:2614285142619.90 (cyc: 30)5
25FernandoTue 11:1918196181944.23 (cyc: 1)0

Contributions in Daylight

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


43.780Abhisek Ukil
14.79818:47Noch einmal 2
20.52318:52Noch einmal 3
0.84118:59Noch einmal 4
6.372Nick Howe
6.37217:56Bugaboo II
0.500Jan Langer
0.50014:14howie haut drauf 2
0.100the cyclist
0.10017:28CC cyc


31.771Francois Glineur
2.83905:26Faster 2b
31.438Jan Langer
31.42519:45howie haut drauf + noch viel mehr markus
0.01320:04howie haut drauf + stijn v3
2.32410:31:-) :-) :-)
2.390the cyclist
1.62715:49Mark up
0.76315:50Mark down
1.747Abhisek Ukil
1.50803:25Faster 2
1.595Alan Chalker
0.349Stijn Helsen
0.11218:19Mark down - test


35.966Jan Langer
0.06005:22howie haut nochmal drauf
0.14005:24howie haut nochmal drauf v4
10.54706:38howie haut nochmal drauf small test
0.01106:39howie haut nochmal drauf small test v2
0.12506:39howie haut nochmal drauf small test v3
8.27407:10howie haut nochmal drauf - wieder v2
0.53407:16howie haut nochmal drauf - wieder -5 33
16.27407:23howie haut nochmal drauf - wieder -5 33 32 29
27.463nathan q
7.85018:54just crossed my mind 15 L4
1.83119:03just crossed my mind 15 L5
0.38519:13just lossed my mind 4
1.53919:24just lossed my mind 6
3.46705:38small test
0.34107:56code cleanup 4 less cp
0.02908:44just testing 1
3.46908:53just testing 3
0.22910:54mhhh 1
2.38211:14mhhh 6
1.41014:01just crossed my mind 2
0.04714:11just crossed my mind 7
0.02414:33just crossed my mind 10
0.04316:25just crossed my mind 15
2.627Abhisek Ukil
2.62708:40Whatever it is
0.399Stijn Helsen
0.03609:36just testing 3 test
0.19523:08For Your Eyes Only.
0.02923:13For Your Eyes Only..
0.10223:13For Your Eyes Only....
0.246the cyclist
0.24009:52Cellular Stijn
0.14407:49code cleanup 4


321.970nathan q
155.66107:35Time to surrealise 2
2.01008:15Time to surrealise 2 less cp 5+
135.85108:32Do we need THIS, Gwendolyn? Mmmmm?
3.01310:35....but it still has that German style....
3.24511:13....but it still has that German style. A little slower.
261.908Gwendolyn Fisch
183.67705:28We can do better
43.91706:52Time to serialise
34.31409:35Still alive
3.50407:00What's Up?
2.07011:12. . :-P
1.43511:25:-) :-)
1.21720:11 Touch Down !! :-P
21.94220:22Nice View From Up Here
0.40921:21Make My Day
1.45823:49Code Commented :-P
0.20623:51% This is a good comment
2.30523:57 % This is a good comment
0.41707:55Time to surrealise 2 less cp 3
2.58607:59Time to surrealise 2 less cp 4
3.90308:02Time to surrealise 2 less cp 5
0.02408:18Time to surrealise 2 less cp 6
0.86108:20Time to surrealise 2 less cp 5++
0.03708:28Time to surrealise 2 less cp 5++ magic 2
0.40809:54Mixing all up 4a
0.25610:54....but it still has that German style....faster?
0.733David Jones
0.56922:02twilight magic
0.16423:12twilight fiddling
0.02805:39That was good


36.069David Jones
0.04401:25L 80
1.94801:31L 90
0.54301:42L 90 skipit
0.18602:38black 15
22.88003:02black L3
0.27603:06blacker L3
0.04003:08blacker L3 sk141
0.30603:25twilight countdown 15
8.43703:25twilight countdown 16
1.37309:02dawn of twilight 162
0.03616:31M skipper
0.90300:23% This is a comment
0.47300:29Look Out The Window
0.09000:57Quit Probing ;-)


3.958Claus Still
0.13107:20Any Good ?
2.23509:21Increased randomness is not a solution
0.09209:33 Outlaw RAND or force a seed
1.323David Jones
0.02510:51truth, beauty
0.04410:53size matters
0.89511:56ones 8
0.31009:33PlayfulCat G3
0.137Abhisek Ukil

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
181093.78Wed 12:050.02kolld siebers, Jan Langer
178665.70Wed 12:230.03VeryBlackCat1, SY
159611.90Wed 13:002.08Ribbons I, Nick Howe
121802.04Wed 14:500.13mutant0, nathan q
120059.50Wed 15:340.24mutant1, nathan q
105338.00Wed 16:071.79find groups, James Taylor
101872.19Wed 16:301.86abc, James Taylor
96080.60Wed 19:344.76markus2, Markus
68354.96Thu 02:0485.43Waterfall, Nick Howe
68103.81Thu 15:1846.52AC/DC, Nick Howe
67178.68Thu 15:3951.13Metallica, Nick Howe
65816.66Thu 20:0551.90markus7a8, Markus
64676.29Thu 20:1057.61markus7a11, Markus
64342.44Thu 23:12124.52Trilobite, Nick Howe
64286.58Fri 12:28145.59Another coffee break - Frickelfaktor v9, Magnus
64000.28Fri 14:2889.51whynot?, minimumphase
63840.28Fri 16:2689.58whynot?again, minimumphase
63502.27Fri 16:5624.80CopyCat204, SY
62442.94Fri 16:5660.70CopyCat223, SY
62367.47Fri 17:1660.85Copy-Paste-Improve !!!, Abhisek Ukil
61531.22Fri 17:2190.56mal sehen 4, srach
61408.07Fri 17:2390.20mal sehen 5, srach
61301.10Fri 17:41108.23Bugaboo, Nick Howe
60801.35Fri 18:4789.46Noch einmal 2, Abhisek Ukil
59251.65Fri 22:03139.10z01, DrSeuss
58323.41Sat 15:58168.27backToCleanCode2, Francois Glineur
58060.49Sun 16:21113.98just crossed my mind 10 goes to south africa 3, srach
57653.67Sun 16:26135.41just crossed my mind 10 goes to south africa 4, srach
57555.18Mon 05:06167.32For the score c, Gwendolyn Fisch
57161.97Mon 05:2858.01We can do better, Gwendolyn Fisch
56703.80Mon 06:5259.01Time to serialise, Gwendolyn Fisch
55020.04Mon 07:3558.29Time to surrealise 2, nathan q
53630.84Mon 08:3259.97Do we need THIS, Gwendolyn? Mmmmm?, nathan q
53610.87Mon 08:5161.48Thinking....., MikeR
53399.84Mon 08:57115.88Will this work?, Satya
53140.87Mon 09:3561.19Still alive, Gwendolyn Fisch
53124.07Mon 09:4888.39Will it...., sSya
52503.59Mon 10:08134.65Mixing all up 4 goes to south africa, srach
52021.72Mon 10:15176.72Mixing all up 4 goes to south africa 3, srach
51983.52Mon 10:43177.40....but it still has that German style....lower, srach
51766.91Mon 21:44153.66GrayCat250, SY
51456.19Tue 04:13173.08Slow Deutsch goes south africa 5, srach
51343.88Tue 06:56168.60Slow Deutsch goes south africa 5 split 26, srach
51321.29Tue 14:38167.62BackToTheFuture, MikeR
51219.15Tue 14:38160.97M_3 goes south africa 5, srach
51116.80Tue 15:30167.99SlowCat12, SY
51068.75Tue 15:31174.37SlowCat13, SY
51013.25Tue 16:44121.64GSec13, Claus Still
50939.23Tue 16:47130.14leo56, Abhisek Ukil
50922.56Wed 03:58140.56Final_BB_30_3, Satya
50788.17Wed 07:10140.61Final_BB Tweak 25, Fel
50700.28Wed 09:40162.82Final_BB Tweak 25 with Cat2, SY
50477.19Wed 09:44162.96Final_BB Tweak 25 with Cat2 with G3, MikeR
50420.83Wed 11:23160.57Low1, MikeR

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1Jan Langerkolld siebersWed 12:05Inf%0.29
2SYVeryBlackCat1Wed 12:231.34%0.61
3Nick HoweRibbons IWed 13:0010.66%1.83
4nathan qmutant0Wed 14:5023.69%0.74
5nathan qmutant1Wed 15:341.43%0.55
6James Taylorfind groupsWed 16:0712.26%0.39
7James TaylorabcWed 16:303.29%3.06
8Markusmarkus2Wed 19:345.56%6.50
9Nick HoweWaterfallThu 02:0427.48%0.29
10Nick HoweTorrentThu 02:211.65%12.95
11Nick HoweAC/DCThu 15:180.46%0.34
12Nick HoweMetallicaThu 15:391.28%4.44
13Markusmarkus7a8Thu 20:051.87%0.08
14Markusmarkus7a11Thu 20:101.59%12.79
15Markusmarkus7b3Fri 08:580.27%0.31
16Markusmarkus7b5Fri 09:160.03%0.02
17Markusmarkus7b6Fri 09:170.03%0.41
18Markusmarkus7b9Fri 09:420.01%0.22
19Markusmarkus7b11Fri 09:550.00%1.88
20Markusmarkus7b15Fri 11:480.39%2.43
21Jan Langerhowie haut drauf 2Fri 14:140.01%1.82
22Abhisek UkilPeko4-1Fri 16:030.11%0.35
23Abhisek UkilPakhi4-1Fri 16:240.00%0.30
24DrSeussScrambled10012Fri 16:420.00%0.22
25SYCopyCat474Fri 16:550.01%0.02
26SYCopyCat211Fri 16:560.56%0.00
27SYCopyCat204Fri 16:560.91%0.00
28SYCopyCat223Fri 16:561.12%0.19
29DrSeussScrambled10023Fri 17:080.00%0.34
30the cyclistCC cycFri 17:280.00%0.37
31DrSeussScrambled10033Fri 17:510.00%0.09
32Nick HoweBugaboo IIFri 17:560.10%0.85
33Abhisek UkilNoch einmal 2Fri 18:470.24%0.08
34Abhisek UkilNoch einmal 3Fri 18:520.33%0.12
35Abhisek UkilNoch einmal 4Fri 18:590.01%3.70
36DrSeussa02Fri 22:411.02%0.09
37DrSeussa03Fri 22:460.07%0.00
38DrSeussa04Fri 22:470.02%2.67
39Alan ChalkerLeap3Sat 01:270.03%1.31
40Abhisek UkilPingpong8Sat 02:450.00%0.01
41Abhisek UkilPingpong9Sat 02:460.00%0.65
42Abhisek UkilFaster 2Sat 03:250.02%2.02
43Francois GlineurFaster 2bSat 05:260.05%2.41
44DrSeussa99Sat 07:500.04%1.32
45YCbackToCleanCodeSat 09:100.29%0.18
46DrSeussa98Sat 09:200.04%0.78
47DrSeussb12Sat 10:070.29%0.40
48DrSeuss:-) :-) :-)Sat 10:310.04%1.04
49DrSeuss:-PSat 11:340.07%2.13
50Markusmarkus10_6Sat 13:410.24%2.13
51the cyclistMark upSat 15:490.03%0.01
52the cyclistMark downSat 15:500.01%2.49
53Stijn HelsenMark down - testSat 18:190.00%0.22
54Francois GlineurNoMoreObfuscationPlease4Sat 18:330.47%0.11
55Stijn HelsenNoMoreObfuscationPlease4_samechangeSat 18:390.00%1.09
56Jan Langerhowie haut drauf + noch viel mehr markusSat 19:450.52%0.32
57Jan Langerhowie haut drauf + stijn v3Sat 20:040.00%1.06
58SYCatAgainstObfuscating10Sat 21:080.22%1.07
59Markusmarkus10_10Sat 22:120.24%7.17
60Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal draufSun 05:220.00%0.04
61Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf v4Sun 05:240.00%0.23
62srachsmall testSun 05:380.06%0.99
63Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf small testSun 06:380.18%0.02
64Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf small test v2Sun 06:390.00%0.00
65Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf small test v3Sun 06:390.00%0.52
66Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf - wieder v2Sun 07:100.14%0.10
67Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf - wieder -5 33Sun 07:160.01%0.12
68Jan Langerhowie haut nochmal drauf - wieder -5 33 32 29Sun 07:230.27%0.43
69Markuscode cleanup 4Sun 07:490.00%0.11
70srachcode cleanup 4 less cpSun 07:560.01%0.74
71Abhisek UkilWhatever it isSun 08:400.04%0.06
72srachjust testing 1Sun 08:440.00%0.15
73srachjust testing 3Sun 08:530.06%0.59
74the cyclistCellularSun 09:280.00%0.13
75Stijn Helsenjust testing 3 testSun 09:360.00%0.27
76the cyclistCellular StijnSun 09:520.00%1.03
77srachmhhh 1Sun 10:540.00%0.33
78srachmhhh 6Sun 11:140.04%0.89
79Stijn Helsenmhhh6_isthisfaster?Sun 12:070.00%0.25
80Stijn Helsenmhhh6_andthis?_cor2Sun 12:230.00%0.92
81nathan qLostInTranslation12Sun 13:180.16%0.28
82nathan qLostInTranslation12_4Sun 13:340.11%0.44
83srachjust crossed my mind 2Sun 14:010.02%0.18
84srachjust crossed my mind 7Sun 14:110.00%0.36
85srachjust crossed my mind 10Sun 14:330.00%1.87
86srachjust crossed my mind 15Sun 16:250.00%2.49
87nathan qjust crossed my mind 15 L4Sun 18:540.13%0.15
88nathan qjust crossed my mind 15 L5Sun 19:030.03%0.17
89nathan qjust lossed my mind 4Sun 19:130.01%0.17
90nathan qjust lossed my mind 6Sun 19:240.03%3.73
91DrSeussFor Your Eyes Only.Sun 23:080.00%0.09
92DrSeussFor Your Eyes Only..Sun 23:130.00%0.01
93DrSeussFor Your Eyes Only....Sun 23:130.00%6.24
94Gwendolyn FischWe can do betterMon 05:283.09%0.18
95NoNameThat was goodMon 05:390.00%1.22
96Gwendolyn FischTime to serialiseMon 06:520.76%0.12
97DrSeussWhat's Up?Mon 07:000.06%0.34
98DrSeussX3Mon 07:200.01%0.12
99JoseteOfuscaoMon 07:270.00%0.12
100nathan qTime to surrealise 2Mon 07:352.73%0.35
101srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 3Mon 07:550.01%0.06
102srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 4Mon 07:590.05%0.05
103srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 5Mon 08:020.07%0.21
104nathan qTime to surrealise 2 less cp 5+Mon 08:150.04%0.05
105srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 6Mon 08:180.00%0.04
106srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 5++Mon 08:200.02%0.14
107srachTime to surrealise 2 less cp 5++ magic 2Mon 08:280.00%0.06
108nathan qDo we need THIS, Gwendolyn? Mmmmm?Mon 08:322.45%0.96
109nathan qsemiswapMon 09:290.23%0.09
110Gwendolyn FischStill aliveMon 09:350.64%0.32
111srachMixing all up 4aMon 09:540.01%0.68
112nathan q....but it still has that German style....Mon 10:350.06%0.32
113srach....but it still has that German style....faster?Mon 10:540.00%0.30
114DrSeuss. . :-PMon 11:120.04%0.01
115nathan q....but it still has that German style. A little slower.Mon 11:130.06%0.17
116nathan qslowwwwwMon 11:230.06%0.04
117DrSeuss:-) :-)Mon 11:250.03%0.17
118DrSeusszzzzzzzMon 11:350.02%0.40
119MikeRhhhhhhhhhhhAttttMon 12:000.07%1.36
120nathan qermMon 13:210.05%0.16
121nathan qerm3Mon 13:310.07%0.50
122nathan qerm7Mon 14:010.00%3.26
123DrSeuss96_LMon 17:160.00%0.03
124DrSeuss76_LMon 17:180.02%0.03
125DrSeuss56_LMon 17:200.01%0.14
126DrSeuss46_LMon 17:280.00%1.83
127DrSeussT56Mon 19:180.00%0.03
128DrSeussT55Mon 19:200.03%0.86
129DrSeuss Touch Down !! :-PMon 20:110.02%0.17
130DrSeussNice View From Up HereMon 20:220.41%0.98
131DrSeussMake My DayMon 21:210.01%0.69
132David Jonestwilight magicMon 22:020.01%1.16
133David Jonestwilight fiddlingMon 23:120.00%0.62
134DrSeussCode Commented :-PMon 23:490.03%0.04
135DrSeuss% This is a good commentMon 23:510.00%0.09
136DrSeuss % This is a good commentMon 23:570.04%0.43
137DrSeuss% This is a commentTue 00:230.02%0.12
138DrSeussLook Out The WindowTue 00:290.01%0.46
139DrSeussQuit Probing ;-)Tue 00:570.00%0.46
140David JonesL 80Tue 01:250.00%0.11
141David JonesL 90Tue 01:310.04%0.18
142David JonesL 90 skipitTue 01:420.01%0.94
143David Jonesblack 15Tue 02:380.00%0.40
144David Jonesblack L3Tue 03:020.43%0.06
145David Jonesblacker L3Tue 03:060.01%0.04
146David Jonesblacker L3 sk141Tue 03:080.00%0.27
147David Jonestwilight countdown 15Tue 03:250.01%0.00
148David Jonestwilight countdown 16Tue 03:250.16%5.61
149David Jonesdawn of twilight 162Tue 09:020.03%0.24
150SYBewareOfCat1Tue 09:160.36%0.16
151SYBewareOfCat4Tue 09:250.00%0.18
152SYBewareOfCat6Tue 09:360.02%1.70
153SYBewareOfCat36Tue 11:180.00%0.60
154SYBewareOfCat61Tue 11:540.01%0.31
155MikeRLunchTimeTue 12:130.01%0.27
156MikeR1949Tue 12:290.28%0.50
157MikeRDowntownTue 12:590.02%0.41
158MikeRM_3Tue 13:240.07%1.12
159MikeRM_-1Tue 14:310.06%0.02
160MikeRM_-2Tue 14:320.06%1.98
161David JonesM skipperTue 16:310.00%3.89
162minimumphasedryCleanTue 20:240.00%10.94
163DrSeussAny Good ?Wed 07:200.00%0.02
164MikeR10e1Wed 07:210.00%1.63
165Fernandofaz00cWed 08:590.28%0.15
166MikeRG1Wed 09:090.05%0.21
167DrSeussIncreased randomness is not a solutionWed 09:210.04%0.01
168MikeRG3Wed 09:220.13%0.18
169DrSeuss Outlaw RAND or force a seedWed 09:330.00%0.00
170SYPlayfulCat G3Wed 09:330.01%0.46
171Claus StillTest2Wed 10:000.08%0.25
172David JonestrueWed 10:160.02%0.59
173David Jonestruth, beautyWed 10:510.00%0.03
174David Jonessize mattersWed 10:530.00%0.12
175Abhisek UkilTFWed 11:000.00%0.07
176MikeRM03Wed 11:040.05%0.03
177MikeRM06Wed 11:060.04%0.01
178MikeRM07Wed 11:060.16%0.82
179Markusones 8Wed 11:560.02%23.72


This is the most useful diagram for visualizing the contest. It shows the dramatic improvements that occur over time. Each passing entry is a dot, with its submission time on the x-axis and it's score on the y-axis. Since a lower score is better, the dots push down further as time goes on. All entries that took the lead are colored red and the red lines marks the best score at any time. The sample entry is the leftmost red dot and the leader is the last red dot in the lower right.

Some of the leading entries are circled and labeled with the author's name. They show who was making the biggest improvements in score (represented in this plot as a vertical drop in the red line) at any point in the contest.

The improvement in score happens over a huge dynamic range. Early in the contest, it is easy to make big improvements in the score. As the algorithms get better, improvements become increasingly difficult. To show this, we normalize the scores so the best (smallest) score is 1 and the worst score is some power of 10. Then we plot them on a logarithmic scale. This exaggerates the improvements at the end of the contest. By increasing the number of decades we spread the scores over, we increasingly exaggerate the smaller improvements made at the end of the contest.

results vs. cpu time

One of the interesting aspects of the contest is that entries needed to minimize two things at once. Getting the best possible answer must be weighed against the time an entry takes to run. The entry's score is a combination of these two factors. Plotting these two against each other yields a very different picture of the contest.

The leader line is shown in red again in this picture. The gray contours show lines of constant score. In general, the best score is somewhere along the lower-left frontier of shortest time and lowest results. Algorithmic improvements tend to move down and to the right, and they are followed by tweaking battles in which the new algorithm claws its way back down the time axis.

Submissions Over Time

This area plot shows how the total number of entries grows. The green area represents the entries that passed the test suite, and the red area shows those that failed.

Activity by Hour

Each bar represents an hour's worth of entries. The contest has three major phases. The first day is in "darkness", where contestants can submit entries but they can't see any of the entries or their scores. To win this phase, an entry must be general and robust. The second day is "twilight", where we show the scores but not yet the code. This allows contestants to develop their algorithm without anyone else being able to leverage their ideas.

On the histogram, the darkness and twilight phases are the two boxes on the left. The other boxes and vertical gray lines call out other mid-contest challenges.

Participants per Day

We know that one participant may submit hundreds of entries. Let's look at the number of unique participants on each day of the contest.

Most active participants

This bar plot shows the number of entries submitted by our most prolific authors.

Entry length

This plot shows how many characters of code are in each of the leading entries. In regions where you see entries of more or less the same length there are very few differences from one entry to the next. In other places you can see the code getting shorter or longer. The density of the lines also shows how often the lead is changing. It's most impressive when shorter code takes the top spot, either by pruning unneeded computation or by introducing new algorithms. The red line at the top shows the cap on entry length.

Percent improvement

This is a plot of the percent improvement generated by each new leader relative to the previous leader. This lets us see who is responsible for the biggest changes over the contest. The upper frontier of this plot is a sort of hall of fame, and someone whose name appears there more than once managed to make several significant improvements to the score.

Improvements by day

Highlighting all the entries submitted on each day in red shows shows how the overall progression down and to the left. A black circle indicates the leader at the end of each day.


Submitting an entry by using the "edit" button on an existing entry marks the new entry as a child of the first. Tracing each entry back from parent to parent identifies its oldest ancestor. All the entries that have the same oldest ancestor are in the same "clan". This plot draws lines between each child and its parent and colors the six largest clans. Entries in the same clan that don't have a line between them are connected by an entry that didn't pass (so it doesn't have a score to plot).