Winner Paulo Uribe (dm1)

Darkness 2004-04-21 09:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2004-04-22 09:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2004-04-23 09:00:00 UTC
Finish 2004-04-28 09:00:00 UTC

Gerrymandering - Statistics

Sixty Second Best Results Showdown

These are the entries submitted between 12PM and 3PM EDT that have the best result and run under 60 seconds. Last update: 28-Apr-2004 17:48:12.

resultdatecputitle, author
0.197%14:3657.66May stinks too!, MR Keenan
0.197%14:5157.62mmm...., Claudio Gelmi
0.197%14:5257.68TommorrowWillBeAnotherDay, vincent
0.197%14:5557.67relax!, PU
0.197%14:5657.83relax!!, PU
0.197%14:5858.04funfunfun, vincent
0.198%14:3756.11June is good!, MR Keenan
0.201%14:1647.36April is the Cruelest Month, MR Keenan
0.201%14:2450.06Lilacs out of the Dead Land, MR Keenan
0.201%14:3147.32April has the Showers, Alan Brooks
0.201%14:3147.34JP8, Claudio Gelmi
0.201%14:3447.32JP9, Claudio Gelmi
0.201%14:3847.49JP10, Claudio Gelmi
0.201%14:4047.31JP11, Claudio Gelmi
0.201%14:4347.30JP20, Claudio Gelmi
0.201%14:4847.43JP21, Claudio Gelmi
0.205%14:5154.10ensembleEvenMoreFunc, Franois Glineur
0.206%14:2637.95Memory and Desire, MR Keenan
0.206%14:2823.14ensembleMoreFunc, vincent
0.208%14:4031.59relax even more, Franois Glineur
0.209%13:2214.40relax, PU
0.209%13:3215.56relaxed, PU
0.209%13:4335.26relax1, PU
0.209%14:0554.58relax1d, Alan Brooks
0.209%14:1628.28relax more, Franois Glineur
0.209%14:2614.58Yes!, Claudio Gelmi
0.209%14:4614.46relaxing, PU
0.210%14:5750.25iwanttogohome, nathan
0.210%14:5843.7359secondstogo, nathan
0.213%14:5953.13secondsecond, nathan
0.214%13:0426.84Prince of Darkness 5.0, christian ylamaki
0.214%13:2445.21Prince of Darkness 5.2, christian ylamaki
0.214%13:3958.95Prince of Darkness 5.4, christian ylamaki
0.214%14:0713.44JP, Claudio Gelmi
0.214%14:1148.43Spotless Restrictionless, Tom Murphy
0.214%14:1413.24JP2, Claudio Gelmi
0.215%13:2758.86trytoless60sec, vincent
0.215%14:1036.44garderobe, Jan Langer
0.215%14:2419.91refine, Cleve Moler
0.215%14:3536.32try out refine, Alan Brooks
0.215%14:5115.97t60v6, Claus Still
0.215%14:5219.46t60v7, Claus Still
0.215%14:5936.32t60v8, Claus Still
0.217%14:5937.06milliseconds, nathan
0.219%12:029.90One more try, Brian Jones
0.219%12:1110.05vin50cent, Spanta Jim Ashjaee
0.219%12:169.92vindolla, Spanta Jim Ashjaee
0.219%12:209.90cheap playing, Eric Bass
0.219%12:249.94Am I Lucky, Akash
0.219%12:2510.00cheap2, Eric Bass
0.219%13:529.94I'm back., Claudio Gelmi
0.219%13:539.85 I'm back. v2, Claudio Gelmi
0.219%13:539.99 I'm back. v3, Claudio Gelmi
0.219%13:559.89I'm back. v4, Claudio Gelmi
0.219%14:0810.01I'm back. v5, Claudio Gelmi
0.219%14:1010.04I'm back. v6, Claudio Gelmi
0.219%14:349.85dfsgfbbg, Eric Bass
0.219%14:4521.37Bob1.16.1.2, Tristram Scott
0.219%14:539.86I give up!, Claudio Gelmi
0.220%13:1248.30removeAllParameters, vincent
0.221%12:419.91The last gamble, Akash
0.223%14:5057.69refine the April, Alan Brooks
0.223%14:5557.71refine the April 2, Alan Brooks
0.228%12:4710.34dsrfgdg, Eric Bass
0.234%13:1838.37Prince of Darkness 5.1, christian ylamaki
0.239%13:1912.94cry try 1xb, Jan Langer
0.239%13:1913.34cry try 1yb, Jan Langer
0.239%13:3526.00cry try 1x.3, Jan Langer
0.239%13:3726.05cry try 1y.3, Jan Langer
0.240%14:329.96crystal_tweak, Thomas Pieper
0.243%12:089.94Check matlab 3, Bill Franklyn
0.243%12:2410.10Check matlab 4, Bill Franklyn
0.243%14:0825.82no, dr no
0.243%14:1725.66nono, no
0.243%14:3614.04blah73, Jeeter
0.245%14:5355.43Super Duper Trader Joe 2, Steve Hoelzer
0.246%13:2310.58cry try 1y.1, Jan Langer
0.246%13:2410.70cry try 1x.1, Jan Langer
0.246%13:3110.04cry try 1x.2, Jan Langer
0.246%13:3210.14cry try 1y.2, Jan Langer
0.246%13:469.99cry try 1x.6, Jan Langer
0.248%13:529.98cry_try_1x.8, jan_langer
0.250%13:4228.68t60v4, Claus Still
0.251%14:3230.19t60v5, Claus Still
0.255%13:089.86ozzy try 14, Jan Langer
0.255%13:3628.31t60v3, Claus Still
0.257%13:4211.33cry try 1x.5, Jan Langer
0.257%13:5611.85cry_try_1y.7, jan_langer
0.262%13:1910.06t60v1, Claus Still
0.262%13:409.94cry try 1x.4, Jan Langer
0.264%13:449.98cry try 1y.4, Jan Langer
0.264%13:469.97cry try 1x.7, Jan Langer
0.264%13:529.78cry_try_1x.9, jan_langer
0.264%14:0310.61cry_try_1x.10, jan_langer
0.270%13:239.62t60v2, Claus Still
0.285%14:0723.56traderJoe_G_, carl
0.300%13:5323.84traderJoe_G.., carl
0.301%14:3356.37Darkest Prince, Franois Glineur
0.373%14:1211.12I'm back. v7, Claudio Gelmi
1.306%14:2821.18JP6, Claudio Gelmi
1.586%14:1518.43JP3, Claudio Gelmi
1.619%14:1719.04JP4, Claudio Gelmi
20.311%12:541.59Equal Parts, EqualParts
20.311%14:441.57Equal Parts3, EqualParts

Tuesday Leap

This listing shows how much each entry to that took the lead on Tuesday improved on the previous top score. Last update: 28-Apr-2004 17:48:12.

0.176415:43RepeatTest, Yi Cao
0.043200:30traderJoe_Fa, Steve Hoelzer and Alan Brooks
0.040311:47Giving Up Again 2, MR Keenan
0.021502:49ponkey_eff02, Stijn Helsen
0.011318:12testonly5, Yi Cao
0.010818:29remove two patterns, Yi Cao
0.009206:47K10mods, nathan
0.007818:36remove two patterns 2, Yi Cao
0.006511:54ponkey with Georgette Magritte, Alan Brooks
0.006311:28ponkey many times_cy1, christian ylamaki
0.005407:52onlytest2, Yi Cao
0.005402:52ponkey_eff03, Stijn Helsen
0.004900:30traderJoe_Fb, Steve Hoelzer & Alan Brooks
0.004707:57onlytest3, Yi Cao
0.003912:11Ponkalicious, Brian Jones
0.003912:03Ponkified, Brian Jones
0.003400:39Tweak that ponkey ponkey, cyclist
0.003118:16testonly9, Yi Cao
0.002721:25testttt, vincent
0.002710:15Ponkey forever and ever, Steve Hoelzer
0.002410:21ponkey donkey, Alan Brooks
0.001913:32JH07, Johan
0.001810:26ponkey the sound of silence, Alan Brooks
0.001811:45ponkeys, Stijn Helsen
0.001718:21whackey ponkey, Alan Brooks
0.001711:20ponkey many times, Alan Brooks
0.001709:36minscore12, nathan
0.001319:57why 3e-2? v3, Claudio Gelmi
0.001211:46ponkey come home, Brian Jones
0.000914:30bigtuesday4, nathan
0.000610:00ponkey the ponk ponk, Alan Brooks
0.000615:49RepeatTest1, Yi Cao
0.000516:10langsam wirds immer bleeder, Jan Langer
0.000518:33remove two patterns 1, Yi Cao
0.000408:53minscore2, nathan
0.000414:40piggly wiggly oh oh, ArthurG
0.000321:13why? v6, Claudio Gelmi
0.000314:37Tweak bigtuesday4, cyclist
0.000303:24K10, Khh
0.000312:04What in the world is Ponkey?, MR Keenan
0.000222:30Condorito 3, Claudio Gelmi
0.000121:55Goodbye Ozzy 4, Tom Murphy

Big Sunday Push

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.

0.3101christian ylamaki
0.001306:44Nobody likes a scrambler
0.192918:42yet another pattern 3a3b54 cy14
0.054818:50yet another pattern 3a3b54 cy15
0.008818:54yet another pattern 3a3b54 cy16
0.001419:07yet another pattern 3a3b54 cy18
0.010221:59 what's so special about 7777? cy3
0.001123:38More tweaking 2
0.019123:42More tweaking 3
0.2927Jan Langer
0.018908:59one more pattern v3
0.013309:05one more pattern v4
0.000609:40one more pattern v7
0.124914:15another pattern
0.002514:22pattern rearrangement
0.096417:17yet another pattern 3x3
0.020717:33yet another pattern 3 and 5
0.005717:38yet another pattern 3a3b5
0.009717:45yet another pattern 3a3b54
0.006206:55you'll have somebdoy's eye out with all those Zs
0.005306:56can't think of a title
0.000907:03could we agree to ignore scrambled entries?
0.000907:03blind tuning
0.010907:09more blindness
0.001407:09more more blindness
0.0247MR Keenan
0.007402:27Tuning 71
0.004302:31Tuning 73
0.004602:34Tuning 74
0.008402:38Tuning 75
0.002821:45a matter of scale
0.005121:51what's so special about 7777?
0.0036J Edwards
0.003603:05Geek Alarm
0.0020Tim Alderson
0.0018Stijn Helsen