Darkness 2009-11-04 12:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2009-11-05 12:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2009-11-06 12:00:00 UTC
Finish 2009-11-11 12:00:00 UTC

Color Bridge - Statistics

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1000 Node Challenge

These are the best entries submitted before 6PM ET on Tuesday that are less than 1000 nodes in length.

 scoreresulttimedatelengthtitle, author
#1 6673.12 666932 80.37 Tue 17:55 993HouseOfCat_1000_50, SY
#2 6676.73 667293 80.29 Tue 17:56 991HouseOfCat_1000_51, SY
#3 6676.73 667293 80.42 Tue 17:57 991Pori502, Abhisek Ukil
#4 6678.59 667491 78.29 Tue 17:53 999HouseOfCat_1000_42, SY
#5 6678.66 667488 80.06 Tue 17:57 993Catty challenge, the cyclist
#6 6678.78 667488 81.69 Tue 17:57 993HouseOfCat_1000_52, SY
#7 6679.55 667570 81.01 Tue 17:52 999HouseOfCat_1000_47, SY
#8 6679.74 667638 70.89 Tue 17:54 997tgx2, the cyclist
#9 6679.75 667638 70.94 Tue 17:58 997Pori505, Abhbisek Ukil
#10 6679.75 667638 71.16 Tue 17:55 9971000 Node Challenge Winner, the cyclist
#11 6679.76 667638 71.23 Tue 17:55 997Hedge1, the cyclist
#12 6679.76 667638 71.25 Tue 17:56 997Hedge2, the cyclist
#13 6679.76 667638 71.38 Tue 17:56 997Hedge3, the cyclist
#14 6679.77 667638 71.53 Tue 17:56 997Pori501, Abhisek Ukil
#15 6679.86 667613 79.30 Tue 17:45 991Pori 447, Abhisek Ukil
#16 6679.87 667613 79.47 Tue 17:49 990Pori451, Abhisek Ukil
#17 6679.87 667613 79.49 Tue 17:43 991TheLastMonkey @ sick 3, Fel
#18 6679.88 667613 79.64 Tue 17:44 985TheLastMonkey @ sick 4, Fel
#19 6679.89 667613 79.60 Tue 17:42 995TheLastMonkey @ sick 2, Fel
#20 6679.89 667613 79.89 Tue 17:54 985TheLastMonkey @ sick 7, Fel
#21 6679.90 667613 79.84 Tue 17:54 992tgx5 sick, the cyclist
#22 6679.95 667613 80.62 Tue 17:48 990TheLastMonkey @ sick 5, Fel
#23 6679.95 667638 76.43 Tue 17:37 985TLM @ nd 4, Fel
#24 6679.95 667638 76.24 Tue 17:34 997Gal and Omri TakeFinal237, Omri and Gal
#25 6679.95 667638 76.46 Tue 17:28 987TLM @ nd 3, Fel

Saturday Leap

This listing shows how much each entry that took the lead on Saturday improved on the previous top score.

changetimetitle, author
17.880016:45Just Checking Again, Nick Howe
14.172318:07Go ahead, Gwendolyn Fisch
12.789200:01QDuo3b, Nick Howe
11.915618:46GoodNight, Gwendolyn Fisch
4.209800:01QCombo3, Nick Howe
3.382119:04I always wanted to tweak, Gwendolyn Fisch
2.212709:30Step One, MikeR
1.080320:33Ben Rittberg v2, Jan Langer
0.701503:01RandSeedPartB6, Alan Chalker
0.523603:00RandSeedPartB2, Alan Chalker
0.220613:17Barbershop, MikeR
0.186103:00RandSeedPartB3, Alan Chalker
0.183520:48Tweak theory 10, Abhisek Ukil
0.177002:45RandSeed2, Alan Chalker
0.131121:34PORI, Abhisek Ukil
0.107210:1810:19am, MikeR
0.092310:18Little Is not Sufficient, MikeR
0.074523:46ComplicatedMess1, Alan Chalker
0.063609:25Deprecated, MikeR
0.063213:26Quartet, the cyclist
0.042710:1910:21am, MikeR
0.025002:47RandSeed11, Alan Chalker
0.025010:18Can't move ahead if you don't start at Step One, MikeR
0.017719:40tweak theory, Abhisek Ukil
0.014721:52PORI & Boidehi, Abhisek Ukil
0.014503:01RandSeedPartB9, Alan Chalker
0.010118:55unity, Abhisek Ukil
0.001919:32unity tweak, Abhisek Ukil
0.001022:11PORI & Boidehi &, Abhisek Ukil

Best Per Phase

The top 25 contestant's best entry in each phase.

Top contestants during darkness

1Nick HoweThu 10:186986697927 (cyc: 15, node: 1189)54
2Greg SThu 10:547081707853 (cyc: 8, node: 1153)89
3Per RutquistThu 11:547320730453 (cyc: 11, node: 762)114
4AndersThu 11:337637744179 (cyc: 11, node: 669)146
5SurvionThu 09:587688768791 (cyc: 5, node: 532)29
6WillDampierThu 11:427856785239 (cyc: 12, node: 1446)33
7David JonesThu 09:357905790008 (cyc: 14, node: 992)67
8Gerbert MyburghThu 10:227970794912 (cyc: 30, node: 1293)43
9Alan ChalkerThu 11:528006799042 (cyc: 14, node: 877)111
10wwsThu 11:548041804090 (cyc: 4, node: 415)33
11Jan LangerThu 11:408068806654 (cyc: 11, node: 538)21
12Jack SnoeyinkThu 10:258165814998 (cyc: 24, node: 859)3
13DreadNoxWed 21:528176815325 (cyc: 32, node: 703)31
14B-LoThu 02:018251824785 (cyc: 12, node: 869)33
15Seth KosowskyThu 06:528474845627 (cyc: 23, node: 316)100
16PauloThu 00:538601859842 (cyc: 12, node: 778)0
17sjhThu 11:548654796242 (cyc: 3, node: 386)161
18Nieto-CastanonThu 04:048716871478 (cyc: 6, node: 1052)47
19Guy MThu 07:499023892583 (cyc: 23, node: 360)136
20Jonathan CowanThu 11:109912991087 (cyc: 10, node: 498)66
21Darren RowlandThu 03:5710193839453 (cyc: 15, node: 774)173
22CTCSPAThu 09:40139401393969 (cyc: 1, node: 41)0
23Erhan TuranThu 11:18167761677606 (cyc: 1, node: 50)0
24MikeRWed 12:47206432064321 (cyc: 1, node: 46)0
25Brian LauseWed 19:57213652135714 (cyc: 18, node: 325)0

Top contestants during twilight

1Oliver WoodfordThu 22:186705669651 (cyc: 6, node: 1205)107
2Per RutquistFri 11:586876684154 (cyc: 12, node: 981)124
3Nick HoweFri 11:446960695468 (cyc: 14, node: 989)45
4Greg SThu 16:447082704864 (cyc: 8, node: 1154)124
5SurvionFri 11:487127712560 (cyc: 9, node: 1007)69
6Nieto-CastanonFri 03:407183718122 (cyc: 8, node: 1299)35
7Jan LangerFri 10:277306724082 (cyc: 13, node: 1143)132
8MarkusFri 10:087322730823 (cyc: 22, node: 1813)10
9Seth KosowskyFri 11:407332732617 (cyc: 14, node: 1669)33
10WillDampierThu 15:177543753324 (cyc: 18, node: 1689)37
11David JonesThu 21:287644763837 (cyc: 14, node: 1582)64
12AndersFri 02:327688745495 (cyc: 11, node: 730)148
13SYThu 13:087755775428 (cyc: 6, node: 919)11
14Mike BindschadlerFri 06:487761774600 (cyc: 23, node: 1542)74
15Darren RowlandFri 04:217791778391 (cyc: 15, node: 1031)79
16Ji GetFri 06:397833783241 (cyc: 6, node: 682)23
17wwsFri 03:217839783884 (cyc: 5, node: 427)29
18sjhFri 11:397930792986 (cyc: 4, node: 529)31
19the cyclistThu 18:347942792618 (cyc: 23, node: 407)95
20Gerbert MyburghThu 17:197955793828 (cyc: 25, node: 1125)70
21DreadNoxThu 22:537964796366 (cyc: 10, node: 795)11
22B-LoThu 18:367975797177 (cyc: 12, node: 888)18
23PauloThu 22:308016800084 (cyc: 24, node: 957)0
24CTCSPAFri 11:488025800549 (cyc: 27, node: 1569)75
25Sebastian SchueppelFri 09:188029802571 (cyc: 13, node: 676)51

Top contestants during leap

1Alan ChalkerSat 23:466586658404 (cyc: 9, node: 1993)59
2Abhisek UkilSat 22:116586658404 (cyc: 9, node: 2071)59
3Jan LangerSat 20:336587658418 (cyc: 9, node: 2264)59
4Gwendolyn FischSat 19:046588658526 (cyc: 9, node: 2279)59
5Gerbert MyburghSat 19:026603659055 (cyc: 19, node: 3645)60
6Nick HoweSat 16:456617661511 (cyc: 9, node: 1952)55
7SYSat 17:196618661511 (cyc: 9, node: 1982)79
8G MSat 18:346621660877 (cyc: 19, node: 2935)56
9the cyclistSat 13:266635663037 (cyc: 9, node: 1942)95
10MikeRSat 14:286635663037 (cyc: 9, node: 1942)95
11G MarksSat 09:026639663539 (cyc: 9, node: 1961)88
12Oliver WoodfordSat 05:446728668183 (cyc: 11, node: 1164)128
13Philippe HamelSat 10:258013801210 (cyc: 8, node: 601)29
14nathan qSat 18:358025801548 (cyc: 7, node: 1234)108
15DreadNoxSat 15:388167816510 (cyc: 10, node: 886)87
16SebastianSat 11:418360835896 (cyc: 2, node: 726)56
17Chethan C USat 00:39103151030527 (cyc: 19, node: 514)5
18Sanjith ZachariaSat 15:31180391801507 (cyc: 32, node: 1435)45
19chethanSat 09:45232012320000 (cyc: 5, node: 543)6
20DanilaSat 00:33264542645421 (cyc: 1, node: 12)0

Top contestants during push

1Alan ChalkerSun 23:556573657026 (cyc: 10, node: 2061)66
2SYSun 23:586574657170 (cyc: 10, node: 2049)65
3FelSun 18:366574657215 (cyc: 9, node: 2053)65
4Abhisek UkilSun 18:526574657215 (cyc: 9, node: 2050)65
5MikeRSun 18:396574657215 (cyc: 9, node: 2051)65
6Omri and GalSun 19:006574657215 (cyc: 9, node: 2060)65
7Christian YlämäkiSun 17:486576657313 (cyc: 9, node: 2051)71
8Gal and OmriSun 18:276580657813 (cyc: 10, node: 1971)60
9the cyclistSun 09:236586658404 (cyc: 9, node: 1967)59
10AndersSun 03:486586658404 (cyc: 9, node: 1993)59
11SebastianSun 18:076588658404 (cyc: 12, node: 2138)69
12Sanjith ZachariaSun 08:178183814311 (cyc: 47, node: 2015)75

Contributions in Daylight

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


21.522Nick Howe
0.02623:11Glean Faster
0.08513:34Deacon 2
2.65113:44Find that Path to the front!
3.07016:12Push forward
14.68819:34Climbing the Stairs
0.18019:34Getting Late or Early?
0.06319:35Deacon Time
0.00119:35I've got to Go
6.387Oliver Woodford
6.09013:01Basic Dijkstra
0.21415:57Tweaktastic 3
0.03518:20Tweaktastic 6
0.04819:23Speed tweak
0.159Alan Chalker
0.01518:46MonkeyTweak 2
0.01018:54MonkeyTweak 3
0.01119:17Failed tweak 2
0.00419:29Monkey Tweak 5
0.035the cyclist
0.03422:14Glean that
0.00023:08If glean, else glean


34.879Nick Howe
17.88016:45Just Checking Again
29.470Gwendolyn Fisch
14.17218:07Go ahead
3.38219:04I always wanted to tweak
2.21309:30Step One
0.02510:18Can't move ahead if you don't start at Step One
0.09210:18Little Is not Sufficient
1.702Alan Chalker
1.080Jan Langer
1.08020:33Ben Rittberg v2
0.360Abhisek Ukil
0.00219:32unity tweak
0.01819:40tweak theory
0.18420:48Tweak theory 10
0.01521:52PORI & Boidehi
0.00122:11PORI & Boidehi &
0.063the cyclist


0.54812:36Small may be good today?
0.00115:56Up Down
0.79316:13I didn't want to do this
4.32716:23Cya Later
0.00117:34Red and Green
0.00117:41Pink recliner
4.234Abhisek Ukil
0.00207:38Pori Try 1
0.00109:17Pori tweak 2
0.00509:21Pori tweak 3
0.00409:36Pori tweak 6
0.00214:09Pori cat2
2.22815:04Pori cat 20
0.20915:13Pori cat 22
0.64415:15Pori cat 23
0.00112:32Tweak Cat 2000
0.00312:43Tweak Cat 3000
0.17713:57Tweak Cat 3002
1.24213:58Tweak Cat 3003
1.526Alan Chalker
0.378Christian Ylämäki
0.27816:13No matlab 2
0.10017:48No matlab 17
0.016the cyclist
0.00208:33Pori Man Richi Man
0.01409:23Tweak man, tweak man
0.00803:48switch at 30
0.00218:36TheLastMonkey - double


0.55012:55Far fugu
1.132Abhisek Ukil
0.01315:02Pori 142
0.507Gwendolyn Fisch
0.50716:23The easy way
0.112Omri and Gal
0.01501:18Gal and Omri TakeFinal3
0.00601:28Gal and Omri TakeFinal9
0.01516:42Gal and Omri TakeFinal33
0.07719:07Gal and Omri TakeFinal45
0.029nathan q
0.010the cyclist
0.00113:08TLM @ speed again


0.07302:05The Battle of Score & Time #3
0.824Gwendolyn Fisch
0.73318:05I knew something was wrong 2
0.09218:12I hate contests without matlab at hand 2
0.03505:31Fiddling around at noon
0.14610:35Some say that he knows two facts about ducks ... and both of them are wrong.
0.00511:04Some say that his sweat can be used to clean precious metals
0.09211:39Some say he never blinks
0.015Gal and Omri
0.01516:04Gal and Omri TakeFinal201
0.011Omri and Gal
0.01111:11Gal and Omri TakeFinal153


0.16305:40Some say that his crash helmet is modelled on Britney Spears' head
1.21611:00Some say that he thinks that "credit-crunch" is some kind of a breakfast cereal
0.02511:34Some say that he really invented November
0.274the cyclist
0.27311:1435 red balloons?
0.00111:30Last 35 monkeys
0.053Alan Chalker
0.02111:52Rand Tweak 382996
0.021Gal and Omri
0.00307:26Gal and Omri TakeFinal282
0.00407:28Gal and Omri TakeFinal283
0.01307:34Gal and Omri TakeFinal285
0.00207:37Gal and Omri TakeFinal287

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
2645421Wed 12:010.02Sample Entry, MATLAB Contest Team
1545415Wed 12:100.02Try Anything, Nick Howe
838603Wed 13:590.46Simple Solver 4, Nick Howe
823566Wed 16:0016.99Basic Solver, Nick Howe
760206Wed 16:2714.87Choice Solver, Nick Howe
758339Wed 21:3415.57Delay, Nick Howe
750790Thu 09:1015.65Switcheroo, Nick Howe
717542Thu 09:3814.75Switcheroo 2, Nick Howe
698090Thu 10:1040.57MultiTab, Nick Howe
697927Thu 10:1854.33DuoTab2, Nick Howe
696596Thu 17:3575.45Dijkstra-esque reordered, Oliver Woodford
669651Thu 22:18107.32Guy Fawkes 2, Oliver Woodford
669612Fri 13:0191.13Basic Dijkstra, Oliver Woodford
669479Fri 13:4476.33Find that Path to the front!, MikeR
669225Fri 14:5097.22Tweaktastic 1, Oliver Woodford
669112Fri 16:1282.46Push forward, MikeR
669039Fri 17:18102.80Tweaktastic 4, Oliver Woodford
669021Fri 17:5791.97Tweaktastic 5, Oliver Woodford
667613Fri 19:3482.69Climbing the Stairs, MikeR
665374Fri 19:55131.20Cut'n'Paste Engineering 1, Anders
664446Fri 19:55132.86Cut'n'Paste Engineering 2, Anders
663498Fri 19:56122.95Combo1, Nick Howe
662350Fri 19:59127.12Combo3, Nick Howe
661511Sat 16:4554.73Just Checking Again, Nick Howe
660083Sat 17:53144.55ECat, SY
659954Sat 18:2553.11Hugo Boss, Abhisek Ukil
658526Sat 18:4659.54GoodNight, Gwendolyn Fisch
658418Sat 20:3358.74Ben Rittberg v2, Jan Langer
658404Sat 21:3459.65PORI, Abhisek Ukil
658350Sun 12:3657.98Small may be good today?, MikeR
658332Sun 13:5757.51Tweak Cat 3002, SY
658206Sun 13:5858.73Tweak Cat 3003, SY
657983Sun 15:0457.51Pori cat 20, Abhisek Ukil
657962Sun 15:1357.65Pori cat 22, Abhisek Ukil
657898Sun 15:1557.47Pori cat 23, Abhisek Ukil
657860Sun 16:1359.95No matlab 2, Christian Ylämäki
657790Sun 16:1357.68I didn't want to do this, MikeR
657349Sun 16:2358.60Cya Later, MikeR
657313Sun 17:4871.37No matlab 17, Christian Ylämäki
657215Sun 17:5765.20Pori69, Abhisek Ukil
657035Sun 18:05103.25A, MikeR
657026Sun 23:5566.21SundayTweaks33, Alan Chalker
656852Mon 09:57172.73TLM @ tweaking, Fel
656767Mon 12:32105.45Break Time, MikeR
656642Mon 12:37117.75Tada, MikeR
656511Mon 16:41112.29Back to cardassia, Gwendolyn Fisch
656489Mon 20:03115.1180-, MikeR
656389Tue 18:0585.58I knew something was wrong 2, Gwendolyn Fisch
656296Tue 18:11115.08I am out 2, Gwendolyn Fisch
656122Wed 08:3291.32My last submission, Gwendolyn Fisch
656029Wed 08:33123.40I knew it could be done, Gwendolyn Fisch
651276Wed 11:55114.12lasttry01, Nieto-Castanon
651229Wed 11:56131.20lasttry02, Nieto-Castanon
651226Wed 11:56140.36lasttry03, Nieto-Castanon

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1MATLAB Contest TeamSample EntryWed 12:01Inf%0.15
2Nick HoweTry AnythingWed 12:1041.58%1.83
3Nick HoweSimple Solver 4Wed 13:5945.72%2.02
4Nick HoweBasic SolverWed 16:001.81%0.44
5Nick HoweChoice SolverWed 16:277.69%5.11
6Nick HoweDelayWed 21:340.25%11.61
7Nick HoweSwitcherooThu 09:100.93%0.46
8Nick HoweSwitcheroo 2Thu 09:384.45%0.52
9Nick HoweMultiTabThu 10:102.69%0.15
10Nick HoweDuoTab2Thu 10:180.01%7.28
11Oliver WoodfordDijkstra-esque reorderedThu 17:350.26%4.71
12Oliver WoodfordGuy Fawkes 2Thu 22:183.76%14.71
13Oliver WoodfordBasic DijkstraFri 13:010.09%0.55
14MikeRDeacon 2Fri 13:340.00%0.16
15MikeRFind that Path to the front!Fri 13:440.04%2.23
16Oliver WoodfordTweaktastic 3Fri 15:570.00%0.25
17MikeRPush forwardFri 16:120.05%1.88
18Alan ChalkerACTweak3Fri 18:050.00%0.07
19Alan ChalkerACTweak5Fri 18:100.00%0.16
20Oliver WoodfordTweaktastic 6Fri 18:200.00%0.23
21Alan ChalkerACTweak7Fri 18:330.00%0.03
22Alan ChalkerACTweak8Fri 18:350.00%0.19
23FelMonkeyTweak 2Fri 18:460.00%0.14
24FelMonkeyTweak 3Fri 18:540.00%0.38
25FelFailed tweak 2Fri 19:170.00%0.10
26Oliver WoodfordSpeed tweakFri 19:230.00%0.10
27FelMonkey Tweak 5Fri 19:290.00%0.08
28MikeRClimbing the StairsFri 19:340.22%0.01
29MikeRGetting Late or Early?Fri 19:340.00%0.01
30MikeRDeacon TimeFri 19:350.00%0.00
31MikeRI've got to GoFri 19:350.00%0.35
32Nick HoweCombo1Fri 19:560.13%0.04
33Nick HoweGleaner4Fri 19:590.19%2.26
34the cyclistGlean thatFri 22:140.00%0.90
35the cyclistIf glean, else gleanFri 23:080.00%0.05
36Nick HoweGlean FasterFri 23:110.00%0.82
37Nick HoweQDuo3bSat 00:010.19%0.00
38Nick HoweQCombo3Sat 00:010.06%2.75
39Alan ChalkerRandSeed2Sat 02:450.00%0.03
40Alan ChalkerRandSeed11Sat 02:470.00%0.21
41Alan ChalkerRandSeedPartB2Sat 03:000.01%0.00
42Alan ChalkerRandSeedPartB3Sat 03:000.00%0.02
43Alan ChalkerRandSeedPartB6Sat 03:010.01%0.01
44Alan ChalkerRandSeedPartB9Sat 03:010.00%6.40
45MikeRDeprecatedSat 09:250.00%0.08
46MikeRStep OneSat 09:300.03%0.80
47MikeRCan't move ahead if you don't start at Step OneSat 10:180.00%0.00
48MikeRLittle Is not SufficientSat 10:180.00%0.01
49MikeR10:19amSat 10:180.00%0.01
50MikeR10:21amSat 10:190.00%2.96
51MikeRBarbershopSat 13:170.00%0.15
52the cyclistQuartetSat 13:260.00%3.33
53Nick HoweJust Checking AgainSat 16:450.27%1.37
54Gwendolyn FischGo aheadSat 18:070.21%0.65
55Gwendolyn FischGoodNightSat 18:460.18%0.15
56Abhisek UkilunitySat 18:550.00%0.16
57Gwendolyn FischI always wanted to tweakSat 19:040.05%0.47
58Abhisek Ukilunity tweakSat 19:320.00%0.13
59Abhisek Ukiltweak theorySat 19:400.00%0.88
60Jan LangerBen Rittberg v2Sat 20:330.02%0.25
61Abhisek UkilTweak theory 10Sat 20:480.00%0.77
62Abhisek UkilPORISat 21:340.00%0.30
63Abhisek UkilPORI & BoidehiSat 21:520.00%0.30
64Abhisek UkilPORI & Boidehi &Sat 22:110.00%1.59
65Alan ChalkerComplicatedMess1Sat 23:460.00%4.03
66Andersswitch at 30Sun 03:480.00%3.84
67Abhisek UkilPori Try 1Sun 07:380.00%0.92
68the cyclistPori Man Richi ManSun 08:330.00%0.73
69Abhisek UkilPori tweak 2Sun 09:170.00%0.06
70Abhisek UkilPori tweak 3Sun 09:210.00%0.04
71the cyclistTweak man, tweak manSun 09:230.00%0.21
72Abhisek UkilPori tweak 6Sun 09:360.00%2.93
73SYTweak Cat 2000Sun 12:320.00%0.07
74MikeRSmall may be good today?Sun 12:360.01%0.11
75SYTweak Cat 3000Sun 12:430.00%1.24
76SYTweak Cat 3002Sun 13:570.00%0.02
77SYTweak Cat 3003Sun 13:580.02%0.17
78MikeRQuickSun 14:090.00%0.01
79Abhisek UkilPori cat2Sun 14:090.00%0.92
80Abhisek UkilPori cat 20Sun 15:040.03%0.14
81Abhisek UkilPori cat 22Sun 15:130.00%0.03
82Abhisek UkilPori cat 23Sun 15:150.01%0.68
83MikeRUp DownSun 15:560.00%0.29
84Christian YlämäkiNo matlab 2Sun 16:130.00%0.01
85MikeRI didn't want to do thisSun 16:130.01%0.16
86MikeRCya LaterSun 16:230.07%0.36
87Abhisek UkilPori23Sun 16:440.00%0.01
88Abhisek UkilPori25Sun 16:450.00%0.82
89MikeRRed and GreenSun 17:340.00%0.12
90MikeRPink reclinerSun 17:410.00%0.12
91Christian YlämäkiNo matlab 17Sun 17:480.00%0.14
92Abhisek UkilPori69Sun 17:570.02%0.66
93FelTheLastMonkey - doubleSun 18:360.00%0.22
94SYCatTestPoiri100bSun 18:500.00%3.13
95SYSmplCat6039aSun 21:570.00%0.32
96SYSmplCat6139Sun 22:160.00%0.36
97Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks1Sun 22:380.00%0.07
98Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks3Sun 22:420.00%0.19
99Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks4Sun 22:540.00%0.14
100Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks5Sun 23:020.00%0.04
101Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks6Sun 23:050.00%0.11
102Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks7Sun 23:110.00%0.06
103Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks9Sun 23:150.00%0.67
104Alan ChalkerSundayTweaks33Sun 23:550.02%1.38
105Omri and GalGal and Omri TakeFinal3Mon 01:180.00%0.17
106Omri and GalGal and Omri TakeFinal9Mon 01:280.00%11.25
107MikeRDownMon 12:430.00%0.12
108MikeRFTYMon 12:500.00%0.08
109MikeRFar fuguMon 12:550.01%0.21
110FelTLM @ speed againMon 13:080.00%0.31
111Abhisek UkilPori114Mon 13:260.02%0.12
112SYCatPori114Mon 13:340.00%0.10
113Abhisek UkilPori116Mon 13:390.00%0.33
114nathan qkerpowMon 13:590.00%1.04
115Abhisek UkilPori 142Mon 15:020.00%0.05
116Abhisek UkilPori143Mon 15:040.00%0.35
117the cyclistk2Mon 15:250.00%0.03
118the cyclistk4Mon 15:270.00%0.93
119Gwendolyn FischThe easy wayMon 16:230.01%0.32
120Omri and GalGal and Omri TakeFinal33Mon 16:420.00%2.29
121MikeR16Mon 19:000.01%0.01
122MikeR17Mon 19:010.00%0.11
123Omri and GalGal and Omri TakeFinal45Mon 19:070.00%5.91
124Amtutweakster22-svstTue 01:020.01%1.05
125AmtuThe Battle of Score & Time #3Tue 02:050.00%3.43
126MagnusFiddling around at noonTue 05:310.00%5.08
127MagnusSome say that he knows two facts about ducks ... and both of them are wrong.Tue 10:350.00%0.48
128MagnusSome say that his sweat can be used to clean precious metalsTue 11:040.00%0.12
129Omri and GalGal and Omri TakeFinal153Tue 11:110.00%0.46
130MagnusSome say he never blinksTue 11:390.00%4.42
131Gal and OmriGal and Omri TakeFinal201Tue 16:040.00%2.01
132Gwendolyn FischI knew something was wrong 2Tue 18:050.01%0.12
133Gwendolyn FischI hate contests without matlab at hand 2Tue 18:120.00%11.47
134MagnusSome say that his crash helmet is modelled on Britney Spears' headWed 05:400.00%1.77
135Gal and OmriGal and Omri TakeFinal282Wed 07:260.00%0.04
136Gal and OmriGal and Omri TakeFinal283Wed 07:280.00%0.10
137Gal and OmriGal and Omri TakeFinal285Wed 07:340.00%0.05
138Gal and OmriGal and Omri TakeFinal287Wed 07:370.00%2.62
139Alan ChalkerEndTweak1Wed 10:140.00%0.03
140Alan ChalkerEndTweak2Wed 10:160.00%0.20
141Alan ChalkerEndTweak5Wed 10:280.00%0.54
142MagnusSome say that he thinks that "credit-crunch" is some kind of a breakfast cerealWed 11:000.02%0.22
143the cyclist35 red balloons?Wed 11:140.00%0.28
144the cyclistLast 35 monkeysWed 11:300.00%0.06
145MagnusSome say that he really invented NovemberWed 11:340.00%0.31
146Alan ChalkerRand Tweak 382996Wed 11:520.00%0.05
147Nieto-Castanonlasttry01Wed 11:550.45%0.04
148MikeRA27Wed 11:580.01%23.03


This is the most useful diagram for visualizing the contest. It shows the dramatic improvements that occur over time. Each passing entry is a dot, with its submission time on the x-axis and it's score on the y-axis. Since a lower score is better, the dots push down further as time goes on. All entries that took the lead are colored red and the red lines marks the best score at any time. The sample entry is the leftmost red dot and the leader is the last red dot in the lower right.

Some of the leading entries are circled and labeled with the author's name. They show who was making the biggest improvements in score (represented in this plot as a vertical drop in the red line) at any point in the contest.

The improvement in score happens over a huge dynamic range. Early in the contest, it is easy to make big improvements in the score. As the algorithms get better, improvements become increasingly difficult. To show this, we normalize the scores so the best (smallest) score is 1 and the worst score is some power of 10. Then we plot them on a logarithmic scale. This exaggerates the improvements at the end of the contest. By increasing the number of decades we spread the scores over, we increasingly exaggerate the smaller improvements made at the end of the contest.

results vs. cpu time

One of the interesting aspects of the contest is that entries needed to minimize two things at once. Getting the best possible answer must be weighed against the time an entry takes to run. The entry's score is a combination of these two factors. Plotting these two against each other yields a very different picture of the contest.

The leader line is shown in red again in this picture. The gray contours show lines of constant score. In general, the best score is somewhere along the lower-left frontier of shortest time and lowest results. Algorithmic improvements tend to move down and to the right, and they are followed by tweaking battles in which the new algorithm claws its way back down the time axis.

Submissions Over Time

This area plot shows how the total number of entries grows. The green area represents the entries that passed the test suite, and the red area shows those that failed.

Activity by Hour

Each bar represents an hour's worth of entries. The contest has three major phases. The first day is in "darkness", where contestants can submit entries but they can't see any of the entries or their scores. To win this phase, an entry must be general and robust. The second day is "twilight", where we show the scores but not yet the code. This allows contestants to develop their algorithm without anyone else being able to leverage their ideas.

On the histogram, the darkness and twilight phases are the two boxes on the left. The other boxes and vertical gray lines call out other mid-contest challenges.

Participants per Day

We know that one participant may submit hundreds of entries. Let's look at the number of unique participants on each day of the contest.

Most active participants

This bar plot shows the number of entries submitted by our most prolific authors.

Entry length

This plot shows how many characters of code are in each of the leading entries. In regions where you see entries of more or less the same length there are very few differences from one entry to the next. In other places you can see the code getting shorter or longer. The density of the lines also shows how often the lead is changing. It's most impressive when shorter code takes the top spot, either by pruning unneeded computation or by introducing new algorithms. The red line at the top shows the cap on entry length.

Percent improvement

This is a plot of the percent improvement generated by each new leader relative to the previous leader. This lets us see who is responsible for the biggest changes over the contest. The upper frontier of this plot is a sort of hall of fame, and someone whose name appears there more than once managed to make several significant improvements to the score.

Improvements by day

Highlighting all the entries submitted on each day in red shows shows how the overall progression down and to the left. A black circle indicates the leader at the end of each day.


Submitting an entry by using the "edit" button on an existing entry marks the new entry as a child of the first. Tracing each entry back from parent to parent identifies its oldest ancestor. All the entries that have the same oldest ancestor are in the same "clan". This plot draws lines between each child and its parent and colors the six largest clans. Entries in the same clan that don't have a line between them are connected by an entry that didn't pass (so it doesn't have a score to plot).