Winner Yi Cao (Buy a ticket)

Darkness 2007-05-09 12:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2007-05-10 12:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2007-05-11 12:00:00 UTC
Finish 2007-05-16 12:00:00 UTC

Peg Solitaire - Statistics

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This listing shows how much each entry that took the lead on Tuesday improved on the previous top score.

changetimetitle, author
7.247409:09CatIsWakingUp, SY
4.779006:40collabration solver b, Jin
4.655813:05Steve Zissou, MikeR
4.470204:41Greater clarity+++, Jin
4.378510:46WakingUpIsFun2, Jin
3.855702:58Greater clarity, Tristrom Cooke
2.790207:19collabration solver b+, Jin
0.312315:21Liger, MikeR
0.304500:10Clarification, Jim Keaton
0.280807:37testing again 2+, Jin
0.237614:12Bill Murray's Explosive Gerbil, BirdBrain
0.164807:29collabration solver b+++, Jin
0.065321:52It's pretty much my favorite animal, the cyclist
0.040907:33testing again 2, srach
0.031812:09Later, Phil', the cyclist
0.007414:29Filigree Siberian Hamster 2, nathan q

1000 Character Challenge

These are the best entries submitted before 9PM EDT on Monday that are less than 1000 characters in length.

 scoreresulttimedatelengthtitle, author
#1 4199.64 41731.68 (cyc: 5) 51.66 Mon 20:57 934Cat54, SY
#2 4200.29 41737.03 (cyc: 5) 51.74 Mon 20:59 936Cat100, SY
#3 4212.92 41858.94 (cyc: 5) 52.07 Mon 20:58 935Cat49, SY
#4 4257.84 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.02 Mon 20:53 932Last Remains ...., David Jones
#5 4257.89 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.06 Mon 19:36 930Remains of the Day, the cyclist
#6 4257.94 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.10 Mon 19:09 934notcomplexCat2, SY
#7 4257.99 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.14 Mon 20:58 915Going for it 9, Alan Chalker
#8 4258.04 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.18 Mon 20:57 930R6, the cyclist
#9 4258.06 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.19 Mon 20:58 934Day Dreaming !!, David Jones
#10 4258.10 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.22 Mon 20:54 9411011, srach
#11 4258.14 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.26 Mon 20:55 934Shorter Remainder, David Jones
#12 4258.17 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.28 Mon 20:57 928Day Dream, David Jones
#13 4258.19 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.29 Mon 18:14 924not as complex, David Jones
#14 4258.19 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.30 Mon 20:58 934Day Dreaming !, David Jones
#15 4258.19 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.30 Mon 20:55 930T2, the cyclist
#16 4258.20 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.30 Mon 20:55 934Short Remainder, David Jones
#17 4258.20 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.30 Mon 20:52 932Last Remains ..., David Jones
#18 4258.20 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.30 Mon 20:46 913Going for it 1, Alan Chalker
#19 4258.22 42321.98 (cyc: 6) 51.31 Mon 16:40 944Not complex, the cyclist
#20 4258.23 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.33 Mon 20:57 915Going for it 8, Alan Chalker
#21 4258.23 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.33 Mon 20:57 930R8, the cyclist
#22 4258.24 42321.98 (cyc: 6) 51.33 Mon 16:29 909not the end 3, Steve Hoelzer
#23 4258.24 42321.98 (cyc: 5) 51.34 Mon 20:37 930Cat45, SY
#24 4258.25 42321.98 (cyc: 6) 51.34 Mon 17:41 944Not complex', the cyclist
#25 4258.26 42321.98 (cyc: 7) 51.35 Mon 17:23 970step by step refinement, David Jones

Best Per Phase

The top 25 contestant's best entry in each phase.

Top contestants during darkness

1Nick HoweThu 11:58425541578.6078
2Yi CaoThu 08:44427942740.8018
3Steve HoelzerThu 11:50433042711.4368
4Hannes NaudThu 11:18448044717.2829
5OuriThu 11:47452345139.0830
6David JonesThu 01:16452845097.6715
7MarkusThu 10:42454645102.2324
8MikeRThu 08:27456545477.2143
9MarkoThu 07:59458145636.3043
10Jan LangerWed 17:30460845754.0754
11SYWed 18:58469346873.0521
12DreadNoxThu 08:07469746920.7018
13Alan ChalkerThu 10:45469744771.5194
14Jim MikolaThu 11:30469746937.9711
15nathan qThu 11:28470346987.0614
16Bao LeiThu 10:34470546926.8336
17Ryan CareyThu 00:53471647127.177
18Dan KunkleWed 19:02472646781.1864
19Stefan UhlichThu 11:50473347299.8811
20FGHThu 11:52474644847.1397
21Bryan GormanThu 11:45478747824.4715
22Cobus PotgieterThu 11:48481447943.6546
23Abhisek UkilThu 11:31483045959.9495
24Ken EatonThu 11:48493649170.3442
25JohanHThu 11:25494147154.2994

Top contestants during twilight

1YCFri 03:29417241611.08 (4)34
2Yi CaoThu 17:30418241674.00 (4)40
3Dan KunkleFri 11:12421141794.98 (7)55
4Jim MikolaFri 11:57422942197.27 (9)30
5Nick HoweThu 14:03424341808.6169
6Steve HoelzerFri 09:45428242321.98 (7)64
7Some idiotFri 04:12429042805.20 (12)26
8nathan qFri 11:52430242739.46 (10)53
9FGHThu 20:29433343176.59 (5)40
10RajivThu 19:35433342823.04 (8)65
11David JonesFri 11:07435042811.39 (17)69
12MarkusFri 07:42436843152.54 (32)55
13SYFri 11:56437843600.25 (9)44
14Alan ChalkerFri 02:45444544042.69 (10)60
15UkilFri 08:15445543906.87 (13)69
16OuriFri 03:23447243001.47 (5)89
17James TaylorFri 11:02449844416.74 (6)67
18sThu 17:06450144956.2118
19Ken EatonThu 16:03451144618.9664
20MikeRThu 14:36452945134.5640
21Bao LeiThu 17:48453144746.88 (5)67
22peter torrioneFri 01:40453145046.60 (10)52
23Mike BindschadlerThu 13:20454945356.8732
24APhysThu 15:48455245481.7211
25eigenvectorFri 10:09455645158.78 (9)60

Contributions in Daylight

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


54.865David Jones
2.12812:18Friday random tweak
0.82712:18Friday random tweak 08
0.36712:20Friday random tweak 12
0.13621:29Barney Rubble
0.03721:32Barney Rubbler
0.02821:33Pebbles loves Bam Bam
0.06921:50Debbie does Dallas
0.05922:50Cathy does Chatham
1.75123:05Kathy does Keewatin
7.178Rick StPierre
2.30221:17Barney Speeds
2.04821:43Wilma Wobbles
0.83522:16Wilma does Walla Walla
0.86922:39Betty does Boise
3.783Jimmy Ray
0.305Dan Kunkle
0.279the cyclist
0.27915:11Space saving nation


18.187David Jones
5.25600:07David does Dallas
2.29600:48lost in dreamland
0.41201:24wander in dreamland
0.39009:38step out of dreamland
1.13510:24Cat in Dreamland
1.53210:51Dreamland Cats
0.10222:21Speed up the Simplification
0.12622:40Shift Gears
9.931Nick Howe
0.43115:15 CatHuntsComplexity
4.631the cyclist
0.23807:05I don't even comment my work code this well!
0.12407:58Lazier Cat 301
4.26911:46T.S. Eliot
3.853Jan Langer
3.85309:03das funktioniert so nicht
0.27109:48ExtremelyLazyCat 3
0.55609:50dreamland revisited
0.64211:40Cats add more and more
0.14311:44Cats add ever more
0.20813:12ladidadi 2
0.16517:15just a test 3
2.619Alan Chalker
0.45502:33Guided tour of dreamland
2.16303:52Guided tour 2
1.17111:23Cats multiply
0.494Steve Hoelzer
0.49400:21don't print


17.975Jan Langer
0.02803:51aint no stuntman v6
0.03804:10aint no stuntman v15
1.03704:15aint no stuntman v18
4.08610:30aint no stuntman v32
0.04210:41aint no stuntman v36
0.31010:44aint no stuntman v37
3.74110:56aint no stuntman v41
0.27411:04aint no stuntman v43
0.41311:08aint no stuntman v44
0.21111:18aint no stuntman v47
1.14211:29aint no stuntman v51
0.37411:38aint no stuntman v55
1.14112:21aint no stuntman v62
3.32512:39aint no stuntman v68
1.23212:41aint no stuntman v70
0.32612:44aint no stuntman v71
0.13713:01aint no stuntman v80
0.11813:30aint no stuntman v87
10.275nathan q
0.94914:02StJude 3
0.42814:03StJude 4
0.33214:39Fledgling 1
0.09015:27Fledgling 12
0.58915:58Fledgling lucky 13
0.48210:14faster push x
4.035David Jones
0.15901:09evolution is back
2.70109:47faster push
0.35814:55push it back to dreamland
0.11723:38push-pull eliminate the frenzy
0.07323:44keep pushing
0.26923:48keep pushing harder and harder
0.259Alan Chalker
0.02101:16Push it good 9
0.23901:21Push it good 11
0.161ali key
0.096the cyclist
0.09610:09Push logically


0.203Jim Keaton
0.20317:18Create subfunctions
0.08708:02keep it fast
0.087David Jones
0.08713:56jump over LTF
0.083the cyclist
0.01010:32Keep it less random'
0.013Alan Chalker
0.01314:04Guided Tour Part 2


4.47004:41Greater clarity+++
4.77906:40collabration solver b
2.79007:19collabration solver b+
0.16507:29collabration solver b+++
0.28107:37testing again 2+
4.65613:05Steve Zissou
3.856Tristrom Cooke
3.85602:58Greater clarity
0.304Jim Keaton
0.23814:12Bill Murray's Explosive Gerbil
0.097the cyclist
0.03212:09Later, Phil'
0.06521:52It's pretty much my favorite animal
0.04107:33testing again 2
0.007nathan q
0.00714:29Filigree Siberian Hamster 2


14.658Yi Cao
14.65811:56Buy a ticket
0.22604:58leave early 36
0.02005:28leave early 42
0.44205:32leave early 44
0.54405:34leave early 45
0.13405:53leave even earlier 1
0.08605:56leave even earlier 2
0.05606:34leave even earlier 6
1.103David Jones
1.10310:43Boarding Flight 905
0.13207:44Favorite animal/2
0.153Jimmy Ray
0.116the cyclist
0.06310:14Expect this won't
0.05211:04Heinz 57
0.032Alan Chalker
0.03210:04End game 13

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
122896.38Wed 12:110.18First, Jan Langer
105038.62Wed 13:2920.58Adding a loop, Alan Chalker
51005.98Wed 15:1430.60Picking the best jumps, Alan Chalker
46922.89Wed 16:2732.74Starting a history, Alan Chalker
45946.11Wed 17:1069.28oho v1, Jan Langer
45754.07Wed 17:3053.96oho v5, Jan Langer
44717.28Wed 18:1436.15LocalMinimum+depth, Yi Cao
42520.97Wed 23:09169.10snafu 3, Rajiv
41540.99Thu 11:39161.57Ferarri 35K, Nick Howe
41381.34 (7)Thu 23:4383.41Antigrav 1 20 3 0.1 10, Dan Kunkle
41379.05 (7)Fri 00:2983.07Antigrav 1 20 3 0.05 10, Dan Kunkle
41188.53 (7)Fri 00:3496.15Antigrav 1 20 3 0.1 20, Dan Kunkle
40753.85 (4)Fri 13:3781.08tweak-o-rama freak-o-rama, David Jones
40330.35 (10)Fri 14:36164.16Juno39, Jim Mikola
40269.54 (cyc: 4)Sat 00:46175.38tweak-o-rama epsilon, David Jones
40238.93 (cyc: 11)Sat 11:2357.81Cats multiply, Tom
40220.13 (cyc: 12)Sat 11:4057.94Cats add more and more, srach
40201.69 (cyc: 12)Sat 11:4656.47T.S. Eliot, the cyclist
40201.14 (cyc: 10)Sat 15:1859.55CatHuntsComplexity5, SY
40189.07 (cyc: 10)Sat 15:1961.56CatHuntsComplexity6, SY
40102.03 (cyc: 10)Sat 16:4797.09BigCatInTheJungle, CopyCat
40048.91 (cyc: 7)Sun 00:3358.05bombing, Jin
40046.80 (cyc: 7)Sun 01:0958.05evolution is back, David Jones
39987.94 (cyc: 7)Sun 04:0787.25pushitworse3, nathan q
39950.05 (cyc: 7)Sun 06:3977.18triple layer 2, Haim Avron
39674.85 (cyc: 7)Sun 06:5687.72looser6, nathan q
39671.21 (cyc: 7)Sun 07:0685.67looser7, nathan q
39616.24 (cyc: 8)Sun 11:5855.61markus12_4, nathan q
39602.90 (cyc: 8)Sun 12:4150.69aint no stuntman v70, Jan Langer
39586.86 (cyc: 8)Sun 12:4451.68aint no stuntman v71, Jan Langer
39576.72 (cyc: 9)Sun 16:1451.72Fledgling 14, nathan q
39563.96 (cyc: 10)Mon 00:0055.28odd push11, Jin
39410.02 (cyc: 10)Mon 00:3376.94move on to dreamland, David Jones
39158.30 (cyc: 10)Mon 00:45141.09drifting off to dreamland, David Jones
39028.88 (cyc: 10)Mon 01:10172.38dreamland calls, David Jones
38698.86 (cyc: 10)Tue 08:13155.03collabrative work, Yi Cao
38681.75 (cyc: 10)Tue 08:31179.80collabrative work2, Yi Cao
38664.48 (cyc: 10)Tue 11:26175.91wakingup to push, Yi Cao
38656.10 (cyc: 10)Tue 12:50176.653minutewonder, nathan q
38613.80 (cyc: 10)Tue 13:37165.10DreiMinutenWunder-1, BirdBrain
38610.78 (cyc: 10)Tue 14:22164.32DreiMinutenWunder-1 2, srach
38607.57 (cyc: 10)Tue 14:32165.30DreiMinutenWunder-7, BirdBrain
38596.31 (cyc: 10)Tue 15:00146.52with nuts 2, srach
38587.18 (cyc: 10)Tue 15:39175.03SlowCat1, SY
38584.15 (cyc: 10)Tue 15:50173.65any candies left?, srach
38580.73 (cyc: 10)Tue 15:54178.13any candies left? 5, srach
38577.92 (cyc: 10)Tue 17:55164.20With Almonds, BirdBrain
38557.53 (cyc: 10)Wed 06:13169.94Cat&Almonds, SY
38546.42 (cyc: 10)Wed 08:00175.69Cat&Almonds8, SY
38544.91 (cyc: 10)Wed 08:18179.22Cat&Almonds10, SY
38544.27 (cyc: 10)Wed 10:46178.39CatB, tgs

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1Jan LangerFirstWed 12:11Inf%1.30
2Alan ChalkerAdding a loopWed 13:2914.50%1.76
3Alan ChalkerPicking the best jumpsWed 15:1451.38%1.21
4Alan ChalkerStarting a historyWed 16:277.97%0.72
5Jan Langeroho v1Wed 17:100.92%0.31
6Jan Langeroho v3Wed 17:280.62%0.02
7Jan Langeroho v5Wed 17:300.48%0.73
8Yi CaoLocalMinimum+depthWed 18:142.69%9.30
9Nick HoweBMW 3Thu 03:320.09%5.20
10Yi CaoThursday SolutionThu 08:444.48%3.24
11Nick HoweSpyder 20KThu 11:580.57%2.09
12Nick HoweTarantulaThu 14:030.28%3.33
13Yi CaoThursday ImprovementThu 17:231.15%0.12
14Yi CaoThursday Improvement 1.7Thu 17:300.29%9.88
15YCFriday speedFri 03:230.22%0.10
16YCFriday speed2Fri 03:290.02%8.81
17David JonesFriday random tweakFri 12:180.05%0.00
18David JonesFriday random tweak 08Fri 12:180.02%0.04
19David JonesFriday random tweak 12Fri 12:200.01%2.21
20David Jonestweak-o-rrificFri 14:330.62%0.41
21David Jonestweak-nationFri 14:580.57%0.23
22the cyclistSpace saving nationFri 15:110.01%0.30
23YCshorterFri 15:290.01%0.44
24Jimmy RayJR3Fri 15:560.09%0.27
25CopyCatcc1Fri 16:120.00%1.41
26Dan KunkleAcceleratorFri 17:370.01%2.29
27APhysAPAccel0254Fri 19:540.01%1.37
28Rick StPierreBarney SpeedsFri 21:170.06%0.21
29David JonesBarney RubbleFri 21:290.00%0.04
30David JonesBarney RubblerFri 21:320.00%0.02
31David JonesPebbles loves Bam BamFri 21:330.00%0.18
32Rick StPierreWilma WobblesFri 21:430.05%0.10
33David JonesDebbie does DallasFri 21:500.00%0.43
34Rick StPierreWilma does Walla WallaFri 22:160.02%0.39
35Rick StPierreBetty does BoiseFri 22:390.02%0.18
36David JonesCathy does ChathamFri 22:500.00%0.26
37David JonesKathy does KeewatinFri 23:050.04%0.38
38Rick StPierreInsomniaaaaaFri 23:280.03%0.65
39David JonesDavid does DallasSat 00:070.13%0.24
40Steve Hoelzerdon't printSat 00:210.01%0.14
41David JonesrevelationSat 00:290.00%0.01
42David JonesdreamlandSat 00:300.10%0.30
43David Joneslost in dreamlandSat 00:480.06%0.59
44David Joneswander in dreamlandSat 01:240.01%1.16
45Alan ChalkerGuided tour of dreamlandSat 02:330.01%1.32
46Alan ChalkerGuided tour 2Sat 03:520.05%3.21
47the cyclistI don't even comment my work code this well!Sat 07:050.01%0.68
48SYLazyCat300Sat 07:460.02%0.19
49SYLazyCat400Sat 07:570.00%0.02
50the cyclistLazier Cat 301Sat 07:580.00%0.00
51Nick HoweJuChimeraSat 07:580.24%0.48
52SYVeryLazyCat1Sat 08:270.02%0.46
53SYVeryLazyCat4Sat 08:550.11%0.14
54Jan Langerdas funktioniert so nichtSat 09:030.09%0.30
55SYVeryLazyCat60Sat 09:210.02%0.13
56srachVeryLazyCat60cpSat 09:300.01%0.10
57srachVeryLazyCat60cp1Sat 09:360.00%0.04
58David Jonesstep out of dreamlandSat 09:380.01%0.00
59srachVeryLazyCat60cp2Sat 09:390.01%0.07
60David JonesExtremelyLazyCatSat 09:420.04%0.09
61srachExtremelyLazyCat 3Sat 09:480.01%0.03
62srachdreamland revisitedSat 09:500.01%0.57
63David JonesCat in DreamlandSat 10:240.03%0.45
64David JonesDreamland CatsSat 10:510.04%0.54
65TomCats multiplySat 11:230.03%0.27
66srachCats add more and moreSat 11:400.02%0.08
67srachCats add ever moreSat 11:440.00%0.03
68the cyclistT.S. EliotSat 11:460.11%1.43
69srachladidadi 2Sat 13:120.01%0.71
70SYLazyCatIsBack1Sat 13:550.01%1.34
71SY CatHuntsComplexity Sat 15:150.01%0.02
72SYCatHuntsComplexity3Sat 15:160.01%0.01
73SYCatHuntsComplexity4Sat 15:170.02%0.15
74SYCatHuntsComplexity7Sat 15:260.00%0.11
75SYCatHuntsComplexity10Sat 15:320.01%1.03
76David JonesLostSat 16:340.01%0.68
77srachjust a test 3Sat 17:150.00%0.83
78CopyCatPinkerPantherSat 18:050.06%3.30
79David JonesSimplification?Sat 21:230.01%0.97
80David JonesSpeed up the SimplificationSat 22:210.00%0.07
81David JonesSpeedup?Sat 22:250.00%0.24
82David JonesShift GearsSat 22:400.00%0.78
83David JonesGearShiftSat 23:270.01%1.11
84JinbombingSun 00:330.20%0.20
85JinwaitSun 00:450.00%0.39
86David Jonesevolution is backSun 01:090.00%0.12
87Alan ChalkerPush it good 9Sun 01:160.00%0.09
88Alan ChalkerPush it good 11Sun 01:210.01%2.49
89Jan Langeraint no stuntman v6Sun 03:510.00%0.32
90Jan Langeraint no stuntman v15Sun 04:100.00%0.08
91Jan Langeraint no stuntman v18Sun 04:150.03%1.02
92ali keybighSun 05:160.00%0.02
93Markusmarkus9Sun 05:170.21%0.91
94nathan qbigh_L8Sun 06:120.09%1.30
95nathan qlooser19Sun 07:290.02%0.18
96nathan qlooser25Sun 07:400.01%0.40
97nathan qlooser31Sun 08:040.02%0.01
98nathan qlooser32Sun 08:040.00%0.01
99nathan qlooser33Sun 08:050.00%0.05
100nathan qlooser36Sun 08:080.01%0.39
101nathan qlooser51Sun 08:310.01%0.03
102nathan qlooser55Sun 08:340.00%1.16
103nathan qleaner10Sun 09:430.01%0.06
104David Jonesfaster pushSun 09:470.07%0.37
105the cyclistPush logicallySun 10:090.00%0.09
106Jinfaster push xSun 10:140.01%0.27
107Jan Langeraint no stuntman v32Sun 10:300.10%0.18
108Jan Langeraint no stuntman v36Sun 10:410.00%0.04
109Jan Langeraint no stuntman v37Sun 10:440.01%0.21
110Jan Langeraint no stuntman v41Sun 10:560.09%0.14
111Jan Langeraint no stuntman v43Sun 11:040.01%0.07
112Jan Langeraint no stuntman v44Sun 11:080.01%0.17
113Jan Langeraint no stuntman v47Sun 11:180.01%0.17
114Jan Langeraint no stuntman v51Sun 11:290.03%0.15
115Jan Langeraint no stuntman v55Sun 11:380.01%0.16
116Markusmarkus12Sun 11:470.46%0.24
117nathan qmarkus12_7Sun 12:020.03%0.32
118Jan Langeraint no stuntman v62Sun 12:210.03%0.29
119Jan Langeraint no stuntman v68Sun 12:390.08%0.05
120Jan Langeraint no stuntman v70Sun 12:410.03%0.04
121Jan Langeraint no stuntman v71Sun 12:440.01%0.28
122Jan Langeraint no stuntman v80Sun 13:010.00%0.49
123Jan Langeraint no stuntman v87Sun 13:300.00%0.53
124nathan qStJude 3Sun 14:020.02%0.01
125nathan qStJude 4Sun 14:030.01%0.61
126nathan qFledgling 1Sun 14:390.01%0.26
127David Jonespush it back to dreamlandSun 14:550.01%0.53
128nathan qFledgling 12Sun 15:270.00%0.52
129nathan qFledgling lucky 13Sun 15:580.01%2.42
130David Jonespush-pullSun 18:230.01%0.03
131David Jonespush-pull-push-pullSun 18:250.00%5.23
132David Jonespush-pull eliminate the frenzySun 23:380.00%0.10
133David Joneskeep pushingSun 23:440.00%0.06
134David Joneskeep pushing harder and harderSun 23:480.01%1.89
135Jinkeep6Mon 01:410.00%6.35
136KSzkeep it fastMon 08:020.00%2.49
137the cyclistKeep it less random'Mon 10:320.00%0.80
138the cyclistLTFMon 11:200.00%2.60
139David Jonesjump over LTFMon 13:560.00%0.13
140Alan ChalkerGuided Tour Part 2Mon 14:040.00%3.25
141Jim KeatonCreate subfunctionsMon 17:180.01%2.24
142CopyCatSomeMoreCleanUpMon 19:330.00%4.62
143Jim KeatonClarificationTue 00:100.01%2.81
144Tristrom CookeGreater clarityTue 02:580.10%1.71
145JinGreater clarity+++Tue 04:410.11%1.99
146Jincollabration solver bTue 06:400.12%0.65
147Jincollabration solver b+Tue 07:190.07%0.17
148Jincollabration solver b+++Tue 07:290.00%0.05
149srachtesting again 2Tue 07:330.00%0.07
150Jintesting again 2+Tue 07:370.01%1.53
151SYCatIsWakingUpTue 09:090.18%1.62
152JinWakingUpIsFun2Tue 10:460.11%1.38
153the cyclistLater, Phil'Tue 12:090.00%0.94
154MikeRSteve ZissouTue 13:050.12%1.12
155BirdBrainBill Murray's Explosive GerbilTue 14:120.01%0.29
156nathan qFiligree Siberian Hamster 2Tue 14:290.00%0.87
157MikeRLigerTue 15:210.01%6.52
158the cyclistIt's pretty much my favorite animalTue 21:520.00%7.09
159srachleave early 36Wed 04:580.01%0.51
160srachleave early 42Wed 05:280.00%0.06
161srachleave early 44Wed 05:320.01%0.04
162srachleave early 45Wed 05:340.01%0.31
163srachleave even earlier 1Wed 05:530.00%0.05
164srachleave even earlier 2Wed 05:560.00%0.53
165marcTimeIsByWed 06:280.00%0.10
166srachleave even earlier 6Wed 06:340.00%0.62
167MikeRMary_20Wed 07:110.00%0.55
168marcFavorite animal/2Wed 07:440.00%2.17
169SYrandomCat404Wed 09:540.00%0.01
170SYrandomCat505Wed 09:550.00%0.01
171MikeRMary_34Wed 09:560.01%0.14
172Alan ChalkerEnd game 13Wed 10:040.00%0.11
173SYRandomCat606Wed 10:110.00%0.05
174the cyclistExpect this won'tWed 10:140.00%0.32
175marcCrazzyButItWorksWed 10:330.00%0.17
176David JonesBoarding Flight 905Wed 10:430.03%0.35
177the cyclistHeinz 57Wed 11:040.00%0.06
178Jimmy RayJR5Wed 11:070.00%0.25
179MikeRMary_38Wed 11:220.05%0.56
180Yi CaoBuy a ticketWed 11:560.37%5.63


This is the most useful diagram for visualizing the contest. It shows the dramatic improvements that occur over time. Each passing entry is a dot, with its submission time on the x-axis and it's score on the y-axis. Since a lower score is better, the dots push down further as time goes on. All entries that took the lead are colored red and the red lines marks the best score at any time. The sample entry is the leftmost red dot and the leader is the last red dot in the lower right.

Some of the leading entries are circled and labeled with the author's name. They show who was making the biggest improvements in score (represented in this plot as a vertical drop in the red line) at any point in the contest.

The improvement in score happens over a huge dynamic range. Early in the contest, it is easy to make big improvements in the score. As the algorithms get better, improvements become increasingly difficult. To show this, we normalize the scores so the best (smallest) score is 1 and the worst score is some power of 10. Then we plot them on a logarithmic scale. This exaggerates the improvements at the end of the contest. By increasing the number of decades we spread the scores over, we increasingly exaggerate the smaller improvements made at the end of the contest.

results vs. cpu time

One of the interesting aspects of the contest is that entries needed to minimize two things at once. Getting the best possible answer must be weighed against the time an entry takes to run. The entry's score is a combination of these two factors. Plotting these two against each other yields a very different picture of the contest.

The leader line is shown in red again in this picture. The gray contours show lines of constant score. In general, the best score is somewhere along the lower-left frontier of shortest time and lowest results. Algorithmic improvements tend to move down and to the right, and they are followed by tweaking battles in which the new algorithm claws its way back down the time axis.

Submissions Over Time

This area plot shows how the total number of entries grows. The green area represents the entries that passed the test suite, and the red area shows those that failed.

Activity by Hour

Each bar represents an hour's worth of entries. The contest has three major phases. The first day is in "darkness", where contestants can submit entries but they can't see any of the entries or their scores. To win this phase, an entry must be general and robust. The second day is "twilight", where we show the scores but not yet the code. This allows contestants to develop their algorithm without anyone else being able to leverage their ideas.

On the histogram, the darkness and twilight phases are the two boxes on the left. The other boxes and vertical gray lines call out other mid-contest challenges.

Participants per Day

We know that one participant may submit hundreds of entries. Let's look at the number of unique participants on each day of the contest.

Most active participants

This bar plot shows the number of entries submitted by our most prolific authors.

Entry length

This plot shows how many characters of code are in each of the leading entries. In regions where you see entries of more or less the same length there are very few differences from one entry to the next. In other places you can see the code getting shorter or longer. The density of the lines also shows how often the lead is changing. It's most impressive when shorter code takes the top spot, either by pruning unneeded computation or by introducing new algorithms. The red line at the top shows the cap on entry length.

Percent improvement

This is a plot of the percent improvement generated by each new leader relative to the previous leader. This lets us see who is responsible for the biggest changes over the contest. The upper frontier of this plot is a sort of hall of fame, and someone whose name appears there more than once managed to make several significant improvements to the score.

Improvements by day

Highlighting all the entries submitted on each day in red shows shows how the overall progression down and to the left. A black circle indicates the leader at the end of each day.


Submitting an entry by using the "edit" button on an existing entry marks the new entry as a child of the first. Tracing each entry back from parent to parent identifies its oldest ancestor. All the entries that have the same oldest ancestor are in the same "clan". This plot draws lines between each child and its parent and colors the six largest clans. Entries in the same clan that don't have a line between them are connected by an entry that didn't pass (so it doesn't have a score to plot).