Darkness 2008-04-30 12:00:00 UTC
Twilight 2008-05-01 12:00:00 UTC
Daylight 2008-05-02 12:00:00 UTC
Finish 2008-05-07 12:00:00 UTC

Wiring - Statistics

This page was generated on 08-May-2008 at 12:29 AM.

1000 Node Challenge

These are the best entries submitted before 6PM ET on Tuesday that are less than 1000 nodes in length.

 scoreresulttimedatelengthtitle, author
#1 15484.38 154602.00 36.14 Tue 17:59 927Uss, tc
#2 15484.49 154602.00 36.21 Tue 17:54 931node speed 2, YC
#3 15485.24 154602.00 36.71 Tue 17:56 931M&M_262, MikeR
#4 15485.39 154602.00 36.80 Tue 17:53 931node speed, YC
#5 15485.53 154602.00 36.89 Tue 17:55 931M&M_259, MikeR
#6 15485.72 154602.00 37.02 Tue 17:57 931super speed 2, YC
#7 15485.81 154602.00 37.07 Tue 17:49 931super speed, YC
#8 15485.88 154602.00 37.11 Tue 17:56 931super speed 1, YC
#9 15485.90 154602.00 37.12 Tue 17:59 934aam333, Abhisek Ukil
#10 15485.93 154602.00 37.15 Tue 17:54 931node speed 3, YC
#11 15486.03 154602.00 37.22 Tue 17:58 925imported solution, David Jones
#12 15486.13 154602.00 37.27 Tue 17:54 931M&M_258, MikeR
#13 15486.39 154602.00 37.44 Tue 17:53 931node speed 1, YC
#14 15487.01 154532.00 41.04 Tue 17:56 954Time XXV, Fel
#15 15487.73 154602.00 37.62 Tue 17:55 964go zerg, Fabio Carnevale
#16 15487.95 154602.00 37.76 Tue 17:58 964go3, Fabio Carnevale
#17 15488.39 154602.00 38.02 Tue 17:59 955 go zerg213, Fabio Carnevale
#18 15488.47 154602.00 38.07 Tue 17:58 958fo4, Fabio Carnevale
#19 15489.00 154602.00 38.38 Tue 17:58 964go2, Fabio Carnevale
#20 15489.69 154532.00 42.29 Tue 17:59 948imported solution !, David Jones
#21 15490.12 154602.00 39.01 Tue 17:58 967aam40, Abhisek Ukil
#22 15493.54 154602.00 40.81 Tue 17:47 945n30, Abhisek Ukil
#23 15493.55 154602.00 40.82 Tue 17:56 945M&M_261, MikeR
#24 15493.62 154602.00 40.86 Tue 17:55 945Are you a tweaker? - 2, DrSeuss
#25 15493.73 154602.00 40.91 Tue 17:47 945Work does this, when?, David Jones

Saturday Leap

This listing shows how much each entry that took the lead on Saturday improved on the previous top score.

changetimetitle, author
34.149614:21optimal, David Jones
32.857420:11Clean, YC
22.318514:22optimal 4, David Jones
18.819220:30Tre9, Jim
12.893118:13GDTP, YC
8.010820:18Tre, Jim
6.627413:50optimized more with shortcircuit >1000, David Jones
6.621313:26optimized more with shortcircuit <2000, David Jones
4.709118:21GDTP3, YC
4.178320:44Tre24, Jim
2.302418:30GDTP5, YC
1.656114:07Donate your brain to Science, DrSeuss
1.635520:51Tre28, Jim
1.582514:28Give David The Prize, DrSeuss
1.562420:51Tre29, Jim
1.272120:21Yea Random, Jim
1.259020:37Tre18, Jim
1.170012:53sun 12, srach
0.831920:26Tre6, Jim
0.725512:18Dr. Tweak, David Jones
0.686406:40Do you know the way to San Jose?, DrSeuss
0.540020:39Tre20, Jim
0.468020:36Tre16, Jim
0.112020:44Tre25, Jim
0.054822:17Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat, DrSeuss
0.011413:42sun 16, srach

Best Per Phase

The top 25 contestant's best entry in each phase.

Top contestants during darkness

1David JonesThu 11:2614483144058.00 (cyc: 47, node: 4573)43
2Nick HoweThu 11:5716810167943.00 (cyc: 15, node: 2576)21
3Claus StillThu 11:5618314178520.00 (cyc: 33, node: 1226)81
4Steve HoelzerThu 11:5918426184114.00 (cyc: 16, node: 975)20
5nathan qThu 09:1518647185961.00 (cyc: 31, node: 2313)39
6Alfonso Nieto-CastanonThu 06:0818792187382.00 (cyc: 49, node: 2669)26
7Fabio CarnevaleThu 11:0518967179592.00 (cyc: 6, node: 1840)93
8SchwabenpowerThu 11:5620046200267.00 (cyc: 9, node: 1586)33
9MichaelThu 11:5420119200858.00 (cyc: 8, node: 1285)41
10DreadNoxThu 11:5920847208278.00 (cyc: 16, node: 770)27
11marquitoThu 09:0722254222369.00 (cyc: 22, node: 1266)9
12Jeff BezaireThu 11:4923274230232.00 (cyc: 45, node: 1226)70
13WillWed 18:2723916239035.00 (cyc: 15, node: 707)17
14drdazeThu 11:2724228242215.00 (cyc: 9, node: 1016)15
15Abhisek UkilThu 11:2825436251515.00 (cyc: 17, node: 2250)74
16christian ylämäkiThu 11:5226479264724.00 (cyc: 11, node: 940)11
17Carlos PrietoThu 11:4427921279145.00 (cyc: 11, node: 863)14
18JamesTWed 15:3127974279708.00 (cyc: 6, node: 616)6
19Gerbert MyburghThu 11:5728583284661.00 (cyc: 35, node: 4454)57
20AndreasThu 06:3330675306658.00 (cyc: 16, node: 870)1
21Corey HahnThu 02:4232369323664.00 (cyc: 5, node: 434)0
22Ulf S.Thu 07:3532812328096.00 (cyc: 3, node: 172)0
23SYThu 11:5434129341060.00 (cyc: 13, node: 867)34
24Leandro Giovanni BarajasThu 07:5335433354306.00 (cyc: 4, node: 350)1
25Tom RichnerWed 14:4035916359141.00 (cyc: 1, node: 13)0

Top contestants during twilight

1David JonesFri 10:2914259141538.00 (cyc: 25, node: 4305)56
2Alfonso Nieto-CastanonFri 00:4315620155461.00 (cyc: 30, node: 3262)48
3Nick HoweThu 22:2115805157482.00 (cyc: 27, node: 3636)43
4Steve HoelzerFri 11:5016082160474.00 (cyc: 16, node: 631)40
5Jan LangerThu 16:3616672164528.00 (cyc: 15, node: 1685)70
6Mike BindschadlerFri 06:2017154165536.00 (cyc: 25, node: 2168)85
7Claus StillThu 17:2417566168933.00 (cyc: 21, node: 1684)87
8Gerbert MyburghThu 17:3217796174527.00 (cyc: 34, node: 8646)76
9Fabio CarnevaleThu 14:0917925177977.00 (cyc: 6, node: 1818)62
10AndreasFri 11:5118424183328.00 (cyc: 25, node: 3046)54
11nathan qFri 05:0418943189058.00 (cyc: 31, node: 2875)28
12Tamas MezoThu 13:0019794197867.00 (cyc: 11, node: 1571)14
13DreadNoxThu 12:1220910208918.00 (cyc: 16, node: 770)26
14Matt ButtsThu 21:3220918208669.00 (cyc: 54, node: 2702)11
15MichaelFri 09:2621569213966.00 (cyc: 9, node: 1457)67
16Carlos PrietoThu 20:5821661208336.00 (cyc: 19, node: 1613)90
17WillThu 19:0622920228169.00 (cyc: 9, node: 1036)59
18drdazeThu 22:1522924228683.00 (cyc: 13, node: 1230)49
19Leendert CombeeFri 11:3223302232849.00 (cyc: 18, node: 2828)17
20christian ylämäkiFri 11:3523650235653.00 (cyc: 18, node: 1836)54
21sbmehtaThu 23:4823820237781.00 (cyc: 12, node: 852)45
22enduroFri 08:1925142251321.00 (cyc: 16, node: 763)7
23InFlamesFri 10:4928965289620.00 (cyc: 5, node: 522)3
24Abhisek UkilFri 08:0429602295876.00 (cyc: 17, node: 1676)15
25Luigi SorbaraFri 01:1030275302598.00 (cyc: 21, node: 595)11

Contributions in Daylight

This listing shows how much each contestant improved on the top score over the course of the day.


2.00616:00Day End
2.26320:30Got work to do
3.440David Jones
0.16514:12early bird gets the prize
3.27616:57random tweak 17
1.191Fabio Carnevale
1.19116:27Test Mirror
0.749the cyclist
0.74912:4326-step program


70.442David Jones
0.72612:18Dr. Tweak
6.62113:26optimized more with shortcircuit <2000
6.62713:50optimized more with shortcircuit >1000
22.31814:22optimal 4
1.27220:21Yea Random
0.68606:40Do you know the way to San Jose?
1.65614:07Donate your brain to Science
1.58314:28Give David The Prize
0.05522:17Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat
1.17012:53sun 12
0.01113:42sun 16


64.478David Jones
0.06502:55Push Harder
20.51702:56Push Harder!!
1.88503:22Push fip
2.77603:22Pusher flip
3.79912:05switch again to push
1.18612:06switch once more to push
0.26412:11wire switching .....
4.73813:23give up sooner
3.96913:24give up sooner +++++
3.59413:47don't give up yet
0.72016:09push up down
8.26617:29Dr Seuss is my ally
0.82017:30Dr Seuss is my buddy
2.87217:30Dr Seuss is my pal
4.80817:49push in all directions
1.94817:49push in all kinds of directions
2.09218:25push more in all kinds of directions
0.16021:37goodnight for now
40.423Jan Langer
0.07309:21schnippschnapp v2
0.59209:44schnippschnapp mit SH on v3 3
2.91409:57schnippschnappSH br0
4.30610:02schnippschnappSH br1
7.54210:04schnippschnappSH br2
3.19610:16schnippschnappSH br2 0.5
1.32110:23schnippschnappSH 80
0.62910:30schnippschnappSH 50 v2
1.05510:30schnippschnappSH 30 v2
0.47710:44schnippschnappSH 26
0.99710:55schnippschnappSH 32 order
0.51110:56schnippschnappSH 32 order ..
13.37315:27gerrymandering lr' both <2000
0.40915:41gerrymandering lr' both <2200 Fel
0.20815:50gerrymandering Time XV 2200 v2
0.73015:51gerrymandering Time XV 2150 v2
1.93416:32gerrymandering v3 2250 ud
0.15417:44gerrymandering v13 ...
0.48712:24time VII
2.76513:03time IX
0.60314:09time XII-290
1.04115:26time XIII
7.40315:35time XIV
1.63215:39Time XV - 2200
0.04707:46Ignore the man behind the curtain
0.31216:57Comments Welcome :-P


111.335David Jones
4.23015:25TweakCat 280
1.00815:25TweakCat 270
5.38416:35mutated bird !!
8.55019:06random flip
1.54219:12randomest flip
80.51219:16post is still 718 to go !
3.07520:15post is getting closer
0.23120:15post is getting closer!
0.61520:16post is getting closer!!
2.56020:16post is getting closer!!!
2.56420:16post is getting closer!!!!
66.701nathan q
8.76618:25flippin' flip
0.81217:24time XXI d
3.29717:49time XXI 25 16
9.45217:50time XXI 24 18
1.92218:06time XXI 22 18
1.77004:54twix 2
1.11516:05tweaky bird
3.797Gwendolyn Fisch
1.01605:57Not much to eat
1.41207:54does it shorten time
0.15423:31From 13840 PreSwap to 13619 Now !!
0.716Steve Hoelzer
0.71616:42tweak tweaky bird


29.730David Jones
1.44709:46publicity #4
28.16311:55the post move a wee bit closer !!
0.11912:01negative ones
18.884Stijn Helsen
2.31904:17difficult not to look to the contest
0.13807:23difficult not to look to the contest3
3.35010:07difficult not to look to the contest8
13.07713:58is this still needed?
8.991nathan q
6.48512:27just a number ... more cleanup
2.50514:09apparently not!!
6.56917:50reordered loopless cleanup
5.050Gwendolyn Fisch
2.03503:27It had to be done
2.97406:23Too much choices
0.04107:30Thanks Stijn
0.36912:18just a number ...
0.172christian ylämäki


66.050christian ylämäki
66.05011:48Pick the winner
20.84911:54tweaky bird and pushy cat 969
4.31611:55tweaky bird and pushy cat 21
17.696Alan Chalker
3.96503:42final day
2.19808:288th generation
3.75308:329th generation
8.964Gwendolyn Fisch
2.286Leandro Giovanni Barajas
2.28610:38Trying 16 [2 4 1 3 ]

Best Result

These are the first entries to break through each result barrier, ignoring time.

resulttimecputitle, author
359141.00Wed 12:330.04What the heck, Alan Chalker
323664.00Wed 13:500.06neighbors, Steve Hoelzer
294189.00Wed 14:210.45Solder, Nick Howe
262735.00Wed 14:3910.33simplesearch, Will
253903.00Wed 15:4611.90simplesearch2, Will
252806.00Wed 16:5632.48branches, David Jones
243564.00Wed 17:5622.67branchier, David Jones
239035.00Wed 18:2717.20simpleans3, Will
195033.00Wed 19:0418.05ordered sequential, David Jones
194485.00Wed 19:2616.78orderly sequential, David Jones
191552.00Wed 19:5131.26sequential order, David Jones
177998.00Wed 22:1336.65simple to complex, David Jones
166496.00Thu 01:4211.13first bridge, David Jones
163936.00Thu 02:0411.07second bridge, David Jones
163351.00Thu 02:1114.32third bridge, David Jones
162788.00Thu 02:1614.44ordered bridges, David Jones
154086.00Thu 02:2326.14bridgemaster, David Jones
152805.00Thu 02:3127.01soln 20, David Jones
151897.00Thu 02:3226.89soln 15, David Jones
150228.00Thu 02:3425.56soln 10, David Jones
149897.00Thu 02:4726.92soln 11+, David Jones
145706.00Thu 10:2063.11gemini 12, David Jones
145228.00Thu 10:2264.64gemini 11, David Jones
144164.00Thu 10:2361.38gemini 10, David Jones
144058.00Thu 11:2643.28gem 9, David Jones
143720.00Thu 11:4160.07tri 10, David Jones
143602.00Thu 11:4157.10tri 9, David Jones
143101.00Thu 11:5580.53quad 11, David Jones
142731.00Thu 11:5576.68quad 10, David Jones
142600.00Thu 11:5574.39quad 9, David Jones
142298.00Thu 15:0865.60phaser4 + 8, David Jones
141942.00Thu 15:0867.49phaser4 + 9, David Jones
141749.00Thu 16:33119.28foot bridge max=4 branch=3 cut=9, David Jones
141217.00Thu 16:39156.07foot bridge max=4 branch=4 cut=9, David Jones
140813.00Fri 20:1882.29graft on minsteps16 - try 3, Steve Hoelzer
140803.00Sat 18:3047.81GDTP5, YC
140753.00Sat 19:1451.15leader in the clear 0.85, David Jones
140730.00Sat 20:1834.39Tre, Jim
140702.00Sat 20:2135.50Yea Random, Jim
140680.00Sat 20:2636.44Tre6, Jim
140657.00Sat 20:2738.37Tre7, Jim
140482.00Sat 20:3037.07Tre9, Jim
140448.00Sat 20:3638.82Tre16, Jim
140425.00Sat 20:3739.40Tre18, Jim
140371.00Sat 20:4439.76Tre24, Jim
140337.00Sat 20:5140.61Tre28, Jim
139769.00Sat 20:5583.46Tre32, Jim
139311.00Sun 09:3672.90schnippschnapp mit SH on v2, Jan Langer
139260.00Sun 12:5550.17push for fewest bridges, David Jones
137136.00Sun 15:1489.01gerrymandering lr' both v2, Jan Langer
136964.00Sun 17:45130.60go really deep, David Jones
135298.00Mon 14:17128.95deep monday 5, YC
135290.00Mon 17:21104.58Cat&Cat3, SY
135197.00Mon 18:33157.23LongCat, SY
134837.00Mon 21:32160.36LongCat2, SY
134124.00Tue 06:15161.14Long Tuesday 4, YC
134064.00Tue 06:39108.89Long Tuesday 7, YC
133247.00Tue 06:45147.88Long Tuesday 8, YC
133241.00Tue 15:00148.68LongTuesday8+tune2, RaK
133225.00Tue 16:38147.19M&M_239, MikeR
133000.00Wed 11:5359.92tweaky bird and pushy cat 992, srach
132872.00Wed 11:5462.07tweaky bird and pushy cat 995, srach
132809.00Wed 11:5661.41Tb25, Alan Chalker

All the Leaders

Here is a chronological list of the entries that held the number one spot, listed with the date submitted, the percent improvement in score, and the length of time each spent on top.

contestanttitledate% imphours
1Alan ChalkerWhat the heckWed 12:33Inf%1.29
2Steve HoelzerneighborsWed 13:509.88%0.52
3Nick HoweSolderWed 14:219.11%0.31
4WillsimplesearchWed 14:3910.68%1.11
5Willsimplesearch2Wed 15:463.36%1.16
6David JonesbranchesWed 16:560.37%1.00
7David JonesbranchierWed 17:563.69%0.52
8Willsimpleans3Wed 18:271.87%0.61
9David Jonesordered sequentialWed 19:0418.37%0.38
10David Jonesorderly sequentialWed 19:260.28%0.41
11David Jonessequential orderWed 19:511.46%2.38
12David Jonessimple to complexWed 22:137.03%1.26
13David Jonescomplex complexWed 23:290.05%2.22
14David Jonesfirst bridgeThu 01:426.41%0.35
15David Jonessecond bridgeThu 02:041.47%0.12
16David Jonesthird bridgeThu 02:110.36%0.08
17David Jonesordered bridgesThu 02:160.34%0.12
18David JonesbridgemasterThu 02:235.30%0.14
19David Jonessoln 20Thu 02:310.82%0.02
20David Jonessoln 15Thu 02:320.59%0.02
21David Jonessoln 10Thu 02:341.10%0.22
22David Jonessoln 11+Thu 02:470.21%7.55
23David Jonesgemini 12Thu 10:201.95%0.03
24David Jonesgemini 11Thu 10:220.23%0.03
25David Jonesgemini 10Thu 10:230.92%0.47
26David Jonesgem 10Thu 10:510.53%0.58
27David Jonesgem 9Thu 11:260.12%1.13
28David Jonesdawn 9Thu 12:340.01%2.56
29David Jonesphaser4 + 8Thu 15:080.50%0.00
30David Jonesphaser4 + 9Thu 15:080.10%0.16
31David Jonesphaser3 + 8Thu 15:180.20%0.00
32David Jonesphaser3 + 9Thu 15:180.19%2.79
33David Jonesstage max=3 branch=3 cut=9Thu 18:050.01%4.21
34David Joneslayout + complex cutoffThu 22:180.25%2.95
35David JonesflipFri 01:140.03%0.66
36David JonesgoodnightFri 01:540.03%7.95
37David Jonestwilight solutionFri 09:510.00%0.43
38David Jonestwilight jittersFri 10:170.07%0.21
39David Jonestwilight tweaker 7Fri 10:290.17%2.23
40the cyclist26-step programFri 12:430.01%1.49
41David Jonesearly bird gets the prizeFri 14:120.00%0.80
42DrSeussAnotherTweaker-1000Fri 15:000.02%0.49
43RaKs2iFri 15:300.02%0.50
44MikeRDay EndFri 16:000.01%0.45
45Fabio CarnevaleTest MirrorFri 16:270.01%0.51
46David Jonesrandom tweak 17Fri 16:570.02%3.55
47MikeRGot work to doFri 20:300.02%10.15
48DrSeussDo you know the way to San Jose?Sat 06:400.00%5.64
49David JonesDr. TweakSat 12:180.01%0.58
50srachsun 12Sat 12:530.01%0.56
51David Jonesoptimized more with shortcircuit <2000Sat 13:260.05%0.26
52srachsun 16Sat 13:420.00%0.14
53David Jonesoptimized more with shortcircuit >1000Sat 13:500.05%0.27
54DrSeussDonate your brain to ScienceSat 14:070.01%0.24
55David JonesoptimalSat 14:210.24%0.01
56David Jonesoptimal 4Sat 14:220.16%0.10
57DrSeussGive David The PrizeSat 14:280.01%3.76
58YCGDTPSat 18:130.09%0.13
59YCGDTP3Sat 18:210.03%0.15
60YCGDTP5Sat 18:300.02%1.68
61YCCleanSat 20:110.23%0.11
62JimTreSat 20:180.06%0.06
63JimYea RandomSat 20:210.01%0.08
64JimTre6Sat 20:260.01%0.06
65JimTre9Sat 20:300.13%0.10
66JimTre16Sat 20:360.00%0.01
67JimTre18Sat 20:370.01%0.04
68JimTre20Sat 20:390.00%0.07
69JimTre24Sat 20:440.03%0.00
70JimTre25Sat 20:440.00%0.11
71JimTre28Sat 20:510.01%0.00
72JimTre29Sat 20:510.01%1.43
73DrSeussWatch me pull a rabbit out of my hatSat 22:170.00%3.35
74MikeRM&M_024Sun 01:380.03%0.37
75MikeRM&M_042_FIXSun 02:000.01%0.92
76David JonesPush HarderSun 02:550.00%0.01
77David JonesPush Harder!!Sun 02:560.15%0.43
78David JonesPush fipSun 03:220.01%0.01
79David JonesPusher flipSun 03:220.02%0.62
80YCsortrows4Sun 03:590.00%0.48
81YCsortrows7Sun 04:280.00%0.51
82YCsunday3Sun 04:590.02%0.25
83YCcomebackSun 05:140.06%0.23
84YCcomeback1Sun 05:280.00%0.26
85YCcomeback4Sun 05:430.03%2.06
86DrSeussIgnore the man behind the curtainSun 07:460.00%0.77
87MikeRM&M_061Sun 08:320.02%0.14
88MikeRM&M_066Sun 08:410.01%0.67
89Jan Langerschnippschnapp v2Sun 09:210.00%0.39
90Jan Langerschnippschnapp mit SH on v3 3Sun 09:440.00%0.22
91Jan LangerschnippschnappSH br0Sun 09:570.02%0.07
92Jan LangerschnippschnappSH br1Sun 10:020.03%0.05
93Jan LangerschnippschnappSH br2Sun 10:040.05%0.20
94Jan LangerschnippschnappSH br2 0.5Sun 10:160.02%0.10
95Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 80Sun 10:230.01%0.12
96Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 50 v2Sun 10:300.00%0.00
97Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 30 v2Sun 10:300.01%0.24
98Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 26Sun 10:440.00%0.19
99Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 32 orderSun 10:550.01%0.00
100Jan LangerschnippschnappSH 32 order ..Sun 10:560.00%1.16
101David Jonesswitch again to pushSun 12:050.03%0.02
102David Jonesswitch once more to pushSun 12:060.01%0.07
103David Joneswire switching .....Sun 12:110.00%0.22
104Feltime VIISun 12:240.00%0.64
105Feltime IXSun 13:030.02%0.34
106David Jonesgive up soonerSun 13:230.03%0.02
107David Jonesgive up sooner +++++Sun 13:240.03%0.38
108David Jonesdon't give up yetSun 13:470.03%0.18
109MikeRM&M_088Sun 13:580.00%0.18
110Feltime XII-290Sun 14:090.00%1.10
111MikeRM&M_096Sun 15:150.00%0.19
112Feltime XIIISun 15:260.01%0.01
113Jan Langergerrymandering lr' both <2000Sun 15:270.10%0.14
114Feltime XIVSun 15:350.05%0.07
115FelTime XV - 2200Sun 15:390.01%0.03
116Jan Langergerrymandering lr' both <2200 FelSun 15:410.00%0.14
117Jan Langergerrymandering Time XV 2200 v2Sun 15:500.00%0.02
118Jan Langergerrymandering Time XV 2150 v2Sun 15:510.01%0.30
119David Jonespush up downSun 16:090.01%0.37
120Jan Langergerrymandering v3 2250 udSun 16:320.01%0.43
121DrSeussComments Welcome :-PSun 16:570.00%0.53
122David JonesDr Seuss is my allySun 17:290.06%0.00
123David JonesDr Seuss is my buddySun 17:300.01%0.00
124David JonesDr Seuss is my palSun 17:300.02%0.24
125Jan Langergerrymandering v13 ...Sun 17:440.00%0.08
126David Jonespush in all directionsSun 17:490.03%0.00
127David Jonespush in all kinds of directionsSun 17:490.01%0.61
128David Jonespush more in all kinds of directionsSun 18:250.02%0.48
129MikeRM&M_100Sun 18:540.01%2.54
130YCSPT2Sun 21:260.03%0.07
131YCSPT4Sun 21:300.01%0.11
132David Jonesgoodnight for nowSun 21:370.00%2.06
133SYPushCat301Sun 23:400.18%0.10
134SYPushCat401Sun 23:460.19%0.13
135SYPushCat600Sun 23:540.05%0.10
136SYPushCat657Mon 00:000.08%0.63
137DrSeussyawnMon 00:380.02%4.06
138srachtwixMon 04:410.02%0.21
139srachtwix 2Mon 04:540.01%0.48
140YCtea2Mon 05:220.01%0.58
141Gwendolyn FischNot much to eatMon 05:570.01%0.22
142Gwendolyn FischLasagneMon 06:100.01%0.66
143YCbreakfastMon 06:500.04%1.07
144Gwendolyn Fischdoes it shorten timeMon 07:540.01%5.90
145SYBoredCat1aMon 13:490.16%1.60
146David JonesTweakCat 280Mon 15:250.03%0.00
147David JonesTweakCat 270Mon 15:250.01%0.67
148srachtweaky birdMon 16:050.01%0.15
149David JonesTweakCat240Mon 16:150.00%0.00
150David JonesTweakCat230Mon 16:150.01%0.33
151David Jonesmutated bird !!Mon 16:350.04%0.11
152Steve Hoelzertweak tweaky birdMon 16:420.01%0.70
153Feltime XXI dMon 17:240.01%0.42
154Feltime XXI 25 16Mon 17:490.02%0.02
155Feltime XXI 24 18Mon 17:500.07%0.26
156Feltime XXI 22 18Mon 18:060.01%0.32
157nathan qflippin' flipMon 18:250.06%0.58
158nathan qflippericalMon 19:000.40%0.10
159David Jonesrandom flipMon 19:060.06%0.10
160David Jonesrandomest flipMon 19:120.01%0.07
161David Jonespost is still 718 to go !Mon 19:160.59%0.71
162nathan q2050Mon 19:580.00%0.00
163nathan q1900Mon 19:590.02%0.28
164David Jonespost is getting closerMon 20:150.02%0.00
165David Jonespost is getting closer!Mon 20:150.00%0.00
166David Jonespost is getting closer!!Mon 20:160.00%0.00
167David Jonespost is getting closer!!!Mon 20:160.02%0.00
168David Jonespost is getting closer!!!!Mon 20:160.02%2.43
169MikeRM&M_141Mon 22:420.02%0.00
170SYCatPost1Mon 22:420.01%0.06
171MikeRM&M_143Mon 22:460.00%0.75
172DrSeussFrom 13840 PreSwap to 13619 Now !!Mon 23:310.00%3.93
173Gwendolyn FischIt had to be doneTue 03:270.01%0.85
174Stijn Helsendifficult not to look to the contestTue 04:170.02%2.10
175Gwendolyn FischToo much choicesTue 06:230.02%0.87
176MikeRM&M_163Tue 07:160.01%0.12
177Stijn Helsendifficult not to look to the contest3Tue 07:230.00%0.12
178Gwendolyn FischThanks StijnTue 07:300.00%1.45
179YCpublic3Tue 08:570.19%0.81
180David Jonespublicity #4Tue 09:460.01%0.35
181Stijn Helsendifficult not to look to the contest8Tue 10:070.02%0.31
182lakatlackojust_a_tryTue 10:260.00%1.48
183David Jonesthe post move a wee bit closer !!Tue 11:550.21%0.10
184David Jonesnegative onesTue 12:010.00%0.29
185srachjust a number ...Tue 12:180.00%0.15
186nathan qjust a number ... more cleanupTue 12:270.05%0.27
187MikeRM&M_176Tue 12:430.01%1.26
188Stijn Helsenis this still needed?Tue 13:580.10%0.18
189nathan qapparently not!!Tue 14:090.02%0.33
190MikeRM&M_206Tue 14:290.02%0.09
191MikeRM&M_211Tue 14:340.06%1.79
192christian ylämäkiCleanup4Tue 16:220.00%1.48
193Willreordered loopless cleanupTue 17:500.05%2.66
194MikeRM&M_270Tue 20:300.01%7.20
195YCfinal dayWed 03:420.03%3.02
196YCTB14Wed 06:430.01%0.58
197Gwendolyn Fisch7thbirthdayWed 07:180.07%0.35
198MikeRM&M_287Wed 07:390.03%0.81
199YC8th generationWed 08:280.02%0.06
200YC9th generationWed 08:320.03%2.12
201Leandro Giovanni BarajasTrying 16 [2 4 1 3 ]Wed 10:380.02%1.03
202Alan ChalkerTB9Wed 11:400.13%0.14
203christian ylämäkiPick the winnerWed 11:480.49%0.07
204SToddPtwSWed 11:530.00%0.03
205srachtweaky bird and pushy cat 969Wed 11:540.16%0.01
206srachtweaky bird and pushy cat 21Wed 11:550.03%12.56


This is the most useful diagram for visualizing the contest. It shows the dramatic improvements that occur over time. Each passing entry is a dot, with its submission time on the x-axis and it's score on the y-axis. Since a lower score is better, the dots push down further as time goes on. All entries that took the lead are colored red and the red lines marks the best score at any time. The sample entry is the leftmost red dot and the leader is the last red dot in the lower right.

Some of the leading entries are circled and labeled with the author's name. They show who was making the biggest improvements in score (represented in this plot as a vertical drop in the red line) at any point in the contest.

The improvement in score happens over a huge dynamic range. Early in the contest, it is easy to make big improvements in the score. As the algorithms get better, improvements become increasingly difficult. To show this, we normalize the scores so the best (smallest) score is 1 and the worst score is some power of 10. Then we plot them on a logarithmic scale. This exaggerates the improvements at the end of the contest. By increasing the number of decades we spread the scores over, we increasingly exaggerate the smaller improvements made at the end of the contest.

results vs. cpu time

One of the interesting aspects of the contest is that entries needed to minimize two things at once. Getting the best possible answer must be weighed against the time an entry takes to run. The entry's score is a combination of these two factors. Plotting these two against each other yields a very different picture of the contest.

The leader line is shown in red again in this picture. The gray contours show lines of constant score. In general, the best score is somewhere along the lower-left frontier of shortest time and lowest results. Algorithmic improvements tend to move down and to the right, and they are followed by tweaking battles in which the new algorithm claws its way back down the time axis.

Submissions Over Time

This area plot shows how the total number of entries grows. The green area represents the entries that passed the test suite, and the red area shows those that failed.

Activity by Hour

Each bar represents an hour's worth of entries. The contest has three major phases. The first day is in "darkness", where contestants can submit entries but they can't see any of the entries or their scores. To win this phase, an entry must be general and robust. The second day is "twilight", where we show the scores but not yet the code. This allows contestants to develop their algorithm without anyone else being able to leverage their ideas.

On the histogram, the darkness and twilight phases are the two boxes on the left. The other boxes and vertical gray lines call out other mid-contest challenges.

Participants per Day

We know that one participant may submit hundreds of entries. Let's look at the number of unique participants on each day of the contest.

Most active participants

This bar plot shows the number of entries submitted by our most prolific authors.

Entry length

This plot shows how many characters of code are in each of the leading entries. In regions where you see entries of more or less the same length there are very few differences from one entry to the next. In other places you can see the code getting shorter or longer. The density of the lines also shows how often the lead is changing. It's most impressive when shorter code takes the top spot, either by pruning unneeded computation or by introducing new algorithms. The red line at the top shows the cap on entry length.

Percent improvement

This is a plot of the percent improvement generated by each new leader relative to the previous leader. This lets us see who is responsible for the biggest changes over the contest. The upper frontier of this plot is a sort of hall of fame, and someone whose name appears there more than once managed to make several significant improvements to the score.

Improvements by day

Highlighting all the entries submitted on each day in red shows shows how the overall progression down and to the left. A black circle indicates the leader at the end of each day.


Submitting an entry by using the "edit" button on an existing entry marks the new entry as a child of the first. Tracing each entry back from parent to parent identifies its oldest ancestor. All the entries that have the same oldest ancestor are in the same "clan". This plot draws lines between each child and its parent and colors the six largest clans. Entries in the same clan that don't have a line between them are connected by an entry that didn't pass (so it doesn't have a score to plot).