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Disk Rotation Simulation inside a cylinder

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The program animates and simulates the rotation od a disk inside a half cylinder



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DISK ROTATION on semi-circular path

This program Simulates & Animates the motion of a disk on the inner surface of a lying cylinder.The disk CM oscillates inside a
half-circle on the vertical plane.

The program generates a real-time animation(simultaneous calc/plot in each loop-turn).The solving algorithm used is a step-by-step analysis in general,however in case of Steady Pure Rotation a direct DE-solving
approach is adapted which makes use of Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox.

The Steady-state of P.R. occures from the beginning or after transient energy-wasting(damping) oscillations of the disk CM.And when occures, is recognized at the beginning by a simple sufficiency-criterion for mus or in the middle by a comparison-test of the successive max-altitudes of the CM.

The program is terminated when 'Done' button is pressed so the Results Diagrams are graphed & the final_out output struct is returned.

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masoud jalali

very nice code!

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