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EzyFit 2.42


Frederic Moisy (view profile)


27 Feb 2006 (Updated )

A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab

evalfit (Ezyfit Toolbox)
evalfit (Ezyfit Toolbox)
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Evaluate a fit

Y = evalfit(F,X) evaluates the fit F for the values X.  F is a fit 
structure, as obtained by ezfit, showfit or SELECTFIT. Y is a vector 
of the same length as X, with Y(i) = F(X(i)). 
  f = ezfit('power; log'); 
  x = logspace(1,3,1000); 
  hold on; plot(x,evalfit(f,x),'r-'); hold off; 
See Also
ezfit, showfit, fitparam. 
Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo evalfit 

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