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27 Feb 2006 (Updated )

A free curve fitting toolbox for Matlab

remove_efmenu_fig (Ezyfit Toolbox)
remove_efmenu_fig (Ezyfit Toolbox)
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Remove the Ezyfit menu from figure files (.FIG)

remove_efmenu_fig(FILENAMEIN,FILENAMEOUT) removes the Ezyfit menu from 
the figure file FILENAMEIN, and saves the result under FILENAMEOUT. 
remove_efmenu_fig(FILENAMEIN) automatically generates the output 
filename, by adding the string '_new' to the input filename. 
This function fixes the issue of figure files including the Ezyfit menu 
opened in a Matlab system running without the Ezyfit toolbox. See 
efmenu for details. 
  plotsample;   % generate a random plot 
  % This generates a new file, named 'myfig_new.fig', without the menu 
Acknowledgments to Francis Burton and Nicholas Sinclair, who fixed 
the issue in the Matlab Central Newsgroup. 
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Published output in the Help browser 
   showdemo remove_efmenu_fig 

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