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What's New In MATLAB 7.2 R2006a

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What's New In MATLAB 7.2 R2006a



07 Mar 2006 (Updated )

Webinar presentation and demo files

%% Dynamic creation of a search string 
strs={'3XXX', '12XXXXXXXXXXXX' '5XXXXX'};

match=regexp(strs, '^(\d+)(??X{$1})$', 'match', 'once')

%% Dynamic creation of a search string with M code
str = 'Never odd or even'; 

s1=regexprep(str, '(\w*)(\W*)', '${lower($1)}'); 

match=regexp(s1, '^(.*).?(??@fliplr($1))$') 

%% Dynamic creation of a replacement string with M code
str = 'Will this work?'; % Test string
var = genvarname(str) % Convert to legal variable name (chars to 0xhex number)

% *How it was done in the past*
found = regexp(var, '0x([0-9A-F]{2})', 'match', 'once');

while ~isempty(found) % Repeat until all replaced
    hex = found(3:4); % Find codes
    ch = char(hex2dec(hex)); % Convert back to single char
    var = strrep(var, found, ch); % Replace code with single char
    found = regexp(var, '0x([0-9A-F]{2})', 'match', 'once'); % Find again


% *Now its much easier*
var = genvarname(str)
% "match" represents the whole ending to be replaced while "token" is
% represented with $1
[token match]=regexp(var, '0x([0-9A-F]{2})','tokens','match');
% Putting it all together
match=regexprep(var, '0x([0-9A-F]{2})', '${char(hex2dec($1))}')

%% Dynamic recursive matching with M code

levelN = '\(([^()]|(??@levelN))*\)'; % This says match either a parethesis or the levelN expression
match=regexp(str, levelN, 'match', 'once')

%% Matching modes
str = ['this is the first line' 10 'this is the second line']

% For example,
match=regexp(str, '.*', 'match')

match=regexp(str, '.*', 'match', 'dotexceptnewline');

%% Warnings
s = regexp('a(b[c)d]e','a(b','warnings')

s = regexp('a(b[c)d]e','a\(b','warnings')

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